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Hello everybody! I want to show you my last Cycles render.
Rendered with a GTX560 with 2GB. About 10 hours at 1600x2000 pixels.

Lighted by a HDR and a sun lamp.

Hope you like it!



Holy cow! that’s a good looking render :eek: 5* from me! my only issue with it, is that if I was reading in that corner I would want a more comfortable chair :wink:

woooooow. This is really good job:-)
Looks little bit like yafray :slight_smile:

Very nice!!!

Well done Lell! I like it.

Is curtain from BlendSwap or your own? The shader is really convincing.


Looks very good! I was also thinking it looks like a render from yafaray.
Could you provide details of the lighting setup?

Best regards

Nice! you have a great eye for details, i like that :slight_smile:

There is something with the chair in the middle, maybe the texture or the shape.

And why this composition ?

Thank you all!
Well, the light is provided by an environment HDR texture I made with a chrome sphere, plus a sun lamp with warm color.
The curtain shader is made by me, insipired from this v-ray tutorial, converted for Cycles nodes, with a texture scanned from my home curtains!

This composition is part of a larger scene, an entire apartment I’m making. When I made the chair and the lamp I tought it could be nice to have a standalone render, so I created the rest of the things to complete this corner. Now it’s time to continue with the other rooms!

I’m really happy with Cycles and node materials! Adjusting things and shaders in realtime is amazing! Many thanks to those who developed it!

Looks great, I loved the courtains, can you share the node material of it? and I have another question, the courtain is casting shadows?

Amazing job. I love everything. 5 stars from me.

Good work :smiley:

Very good work! Excellent curtain material! I’d love to see more images, since i consider experimenting with cycles in my architectural visualizations workflow. Some more info tough will be helpful (number of polygons, passes etc). Is it just me or 10 hours for a single image (not suitable for print) can not be considered competitive to other commercial products!?

Excellent !!!

Really only one small thing for me, the lamp. I can’t seem to find the power switch. Also the bracket holding the cover for the light bulb is really thin. Otherwise, top notch.

I would really love to see the leather setup as well as the curtain setup.

Hi! Well, I didn’t go deep to watch the courtain shadows, so I’m not sure if they are correct, but I know it casts shadows.

This is the node setup for the curtain.

I used a texture made from my home curtains. But the most important thing, when you make every material, is to study very accurately the real material behavior, and then develop the material step by step, each base material separately, before mixing the various base materials.

I also wanto to show you the Hi-Fi more closelly.

@Ewilde: I don’t know where the power switch is! :smiley: This is the original lamp and the braket seems to be so thin.

@sunburn: what I can say is that if you want to be productive, you must have at least 4 GTX580 with 3GB of RAM for each one. Or 4 Tesla Cards. I think my scene was a bit slow because is larger than what you see. The rendered scene is in the red square of this more extended scene.

In addiction, the 90% of the materials are complex materials with glossy reflections. I rendered about 6000 samples per pixel.

Thankyou all again for the appreciation!

hmmmm… render the whole collection of these scenes and you’ve probably got yourself a spot in the gallery. :wink:

Awesome output. Congrats…Really i liked your Lighting and depth of Field. Quality output. But i found few issue
Floor texture seems to be large in scaling and bump is also too high saturation is too low. The wooden chair also same.
Specs shadow is dark, It won’t be dark in real life only the corner might get dark that’s up-to the thickness of the lens. Even the floor mat, if it has some design at borders it might look good (Fur make this mat appears good)

Finally hi quality interior render with cycles! Can you share your wooden floor material?

Awesome work Lell!

Thankyou! The wood is nothing that special! Just a glossy and a diffuse mixed with fresnel, plus a bump map! Of course there’s a reflection map in the glossy shader color.

This is beautiful work Lell, dedication :slight_smile: