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Hi Guys!

Just sharing some recent work, what do you think?

Cycles render 1000 samples

I always love interior renders. So i love yours too. :slight_smile:

Exceptional! One of the best interiors I’ve seen rendered in Cycles! :slight_smile:

Fantastic interior render. - It´s still a bit blotchy, did you use denoise?
The only problem I see is, that you would most likely bump your head on that window beam when trying to sit down on the chair. :wink:

Wow thanks guys! that comment means a lot shredde The blotchy is due to the denoise - It’s only rendered on 1000 samples and interior renders are terrible for fireflies so normally id render them at 2 - 3k and leave it overnight, was in a bit of a rush as only had an hour.

And haha the headspace is an issue, should have put a bath in there!