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Hi all,

a personal project just for fun, hope you like it!

Cycles and post with PS. C&C are very welcome!


Like the mood and “bird”…
Nice images…

Thanks @wardepot!

Good work,are you a fun of Bertrandt Benoit or i’m wrong?

Oh, I really like this :smiley:

@marcoso: Thanks! Well I don’t know if ‘fan’ is the right word but yes, I like the way he works.

@Joey Blendhead: Glad you like it!

when i’m drunk i make some mistakes… fan it’s correct i think

Beautiful lighting and very well balanced colour scheme. Nice work!

Thanks @Sammy1973 for your comment!

beautiful work!

Wow. Awesome. The chair looks very familiar.

love it, great close up shoots

Thanks guys for your comments! :slight_smile:

Great Work!
Really like the overall mood and colour.

Thanks @SunBurn!

Tasteful, moody, nice light. Original and coordinated gadgets.

What did you do post process?
Did you model the little stuff?

Nice work! There are more and more impressive arch renders made with cycles lately. Can you say couple of words about lighting setup? Just in general, it would be appreciated. )


Thanks for your kind of words! Here’s a comparison of the first image without and with post process:

Hope that helps! And I downloaded most of the models from the internet.

@nikvili: Thanks! That’s a good compliment! About the lighting nothing special, a lonely an poorly HDRI.

Interesting. It’s a challenge to get something more like the final image directly from the render.

  • It looks like your HDRI is very blue, is it only sky?
  • Does it have a sun spot with enough luminoscity/intensity difference from the rest of the (blue) sky?
  • Do you have filmic enabled?

I am working on an hdri node group to optimize just these issues, see this thread of mine.
Would love to give your scene a try. Would you share?

Kind regards,