Reading old files with new blender versions... Error.


I’ve used blender fo quite while to make 3d impressions of laboratory set ups we are building. This is very useful although I would “die” for the addition of a “dimensioning” tool to add dimension figures to 2d projections to the drawing.
ok, this aside…

Is it normal that I can not read a lot of files made with 2.28 in versions 2.3x? I find that most of my drawings give a read error in the new beldner verions and can’t be opened. This happens in linux as wel as the other popular os. I can sav files in 2.3x and read them in 2.28 and also vice versa with simple drawing. As soon as it gets bigger , they fail to read in 2.33…

You may understand that I do not feel like redoing my drawings in 2.33. I do however like the looks of 2.33 and would like to use it.

Is there a way to fix the files for 2.33?

I too have had some of this difficulty. On the Blenderwars site (, they have a large collection of Blender meshes. Some of the meshes from Star Wars that they have are in a .map format. Although Blender 2.25 will open them, Blender 2.3x does not seem to want to. I, like aardvark, would like to mess with some of these meshes in 2.3x.

I am probably completely wrong here but, I suspect the files you cannot open are packed. Download an older version of blender, open the file and save ad “unpacked.” Then version 233s can open them.

Odd, I’ve never had this problem.

Could you upload one of your problem blends, so I could have a look?

You are a hero!

The deal was in the package… eerm the packing was the deal!
I’ve been struggling with this for quite a while and now it is solved!
Great man! No idea why my files where packed in the first place!

I will have to try unpacking the file in Blender 2.25. Unfortunately, I do not have it on this computer, so I will not be able to try it now, and thus do not know if it works. Here is a link to the page where you can download the files: . Download the Y-Wing.

The problem isn’t the packing, it’s compression.

Back in the day, before the opensourcing of blender, one of the selling points of Blender Publisher (the paid version of blender) was that it could save to compressed .blend files.
It seems that this feature was for some reason or another removed in the opensource versions (2.26 and up)

So no need to unpack, just open it in 2.25 and save it again. As long as you use the ordinary save (not File->Save compressed or whatever it’s called) it’ll work in later versions.
The filesize will be bigger (the y-wing went from 1.5MB to 6.5MB!) but it will work.

Thank you for the help. That will let me have all sorts of neat files in Blender 2.33a now! I really cannot stand using 2.25.