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Hi, there! This is my first 3D model uploaded on Sketchfab, and my first post on here!
So, I hope you’ll take a moment and enjoy the scene.


“What!? Haven’t you read up the novel you bought half a year ago yet?
And even now you have a longer queue of watch it later than the beginning of this year? Well, in my opinion, now is “the right time” to consume them… Read it up, watch them up right away.”

Stills are rendered in Eevee, but textures for this Sketchfab model are baked in Cycles.
I had to do so because of the limitation of rendering engine…


hi welcome to blenderartists :slight_smile: . Wouldnt be hurt if u post more images of this art

I can think of a few ways to improve this

  • the pupil of the eyes should be darker and sharper
  • consider adding sphere with a bump where the iris is around the eye with a glass shader set to ffffff color and 1.333 ior (use a subdivided cube to avoid triangles giving artifacts and be sure to enable refraction in both the material setting and render settings)
  • eyes are too deep in the skull and should be pulled forward a small bit
  • add extra loop cuts around the eyelids
  • eyelids should be thicker especially where the eyelashes meet
  • eyelashes should fallow the eyelid geometry and start slightly inside the eyelid
  • lower lip should be flat on the bottom
  • nostrils should be deeper
  • each joint on the fingers should have geometry similar to what you have on the knees and elbows (at the vary least the thumbs should have this)
  • add an inset for the fingernails with one edge going off of the finger and the other going underneath the edge it came from (think a sort of very wide N shape as the profile with the tips of the N pulled inwards)
  • subsurface scattering is slightly too high try about 1/4 of what you have as the radius (make sure you change all three values)

I hope all that makes sense. Don’t get the wrong impression I do like this the color pallet cool and soft on the eyes and the composition is well balanced.

Thank you! I couldn’t add more images by the limitation for new users, but I’m going to add some more in future :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the feedback!

Colouring is what I most cared about, and your modeling tips are very helpful. I’ll follow them at the next time!

Anyway, my goal is to make 3D art closer to my 2D illustration style which is more like anime rather than Pixer’s realistic shading, but not toon shader look.
Like this:

So, I did:

  • Make softer pupil rather than hard/realistic it. (But, yes. I’m sure the crease isn’t deep enough…)

  • Make a glass sphere which covers the eye. (Trimmed to reduce polygon count.)

  • I baked combined textures for this object when I uploaded to Sketchfab, to make it not too glossy. Was it unnecessary?

  • Make a low-poly (middle-poly?) model, in my preference.

Would you give some ideas to achieve this, if you know the way?

ah i see :slight_smile: .I got the same problem back then being registered on 2009 but i have few posts only lol .

anyway why didnt you model it in med or even High poly??

If you want a more 2d look hear they also have a twitter you should fallow and also a community on blndercommunity
go there talk to some people they will know more than me and are quite welcoming to newcomers.

also this video has a lot of useful tips

as far as optimization topology for low poly characters I don’t know that much but I would say try to have your edge flow respect the anatomy of your character as much as possible look up lots of references.
Maybe consider design by subtraction start with a realistic character and remove features and details, simplify and change proportions until you are happy with the results.

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Thank you so much for such a detailed advice! Now I understand I need to learn more and more about human anatomy at first :sweat_smile:

Well, because I was astonished by several beautiful low-poly models at Sketchfab. And now I’m preparing a portfolio for modeling job at some game company. Furthermore, as a person who had been working in Web design field for years, I couldn’t ignore the speed performance on the Web :joy:

ah ok i think its reasonable :sweat_smile: .