Ready for the Outdoors

well, I’ve put probably around 3-4 hours into this project. It started because I was trying to make a battery, and i’m going to add more items to the scene. So please note this project isn’t near done.

I have to put a new floor/table texture and fix all the materials. please give my ideas

Almost photo realistic! nice, Batterys are way to shiny.

Yep, very nice.
Just two points to note…

  1. as LoonieToon mentioned, the batteries are a bit too reflective
  2. You might want to change the material of the knife handle to something with less relfection, as I am assuming it is supposed to be made of either rubber or plastic.
    Apart from that, nice work.

You might want to change your overall source of light, 1. to a dimmer light so the flashlight can make a stronger imprssion with its light and 2. it will make the wood surface look more realistic and take excess reflection off your shiney materials.

batteries are very nice…

ok! I finally have an update, sorry about it, i’ve been busy and had no time to work on this project. So i worked on this a little last night, here’s the latest render:

  • I still need to get my table texture, and those batteries WILL be fixed next render. aghh… and i need to work on the note

That flashlight is really small… I think it would be better if it was longer, so that you could fit 2 AA batteries in it. Right now, it only looks like 1 could fit inside.