Ready for this?.... Are we alone in the universe??

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Based on your personal experience do you think there is life elsewhere in the universe?

What’s the probability?

Has it always been that way?

Will it always be?


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blender goes maya!

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Not much experience with aliens, only seen them in movies and SouthPark and stuff. But then again, the definition of life could probably be disputed. Usually we would think of it as being intelligent life, but life could also would be some spores, or a micro-organsim. I do believe that there is life (intelligent and basic) elsewhere in the universe.

What’s the probability?

We would have to base this on the our knowledge of the universe, and the probability of favorable conditions. To do this, we must take what we know about ourselves, and apply it to simulations, speculation, and plain old exploration, to search the most probable places.

Has it always been that way?

Given that the universe is so big, and that chaos and harmony is so sporatic, I don’t think we can make a conclusion on what anything has been specifically. When someting is destroyed, something is created. All forces and energies in the universe are basically balanced. So I think it is safe to say on a universal scale that it (meaning the situation) has always been that way. At least after the big bang. Of course this is all considering only the four dimensional current universe and nothing prior to the big bang.

Will it always be?

Yes, but on a grand scale. When looking at a smaller scale, such as an individual planet or population, then the answer is no. It will change. But the chaos and harmony in the big picture will always be balanced.


This is impossible to answer. To know this, would be to fully know ourseleves and our purpose. I don’t believe it is possible to fully know ‘why’, and I think if one were to learn ‘why’ they would self-destruct. Sometimes it is not knowing that keeps us sane. What if a cat realized that all it could do was sit there all day. What if a may-fly, realized it was going to die tommorow. What if an ape knew how close they were to being like us, but barely didn’t quite make it. But then again, what if something acheived, then realized their origional purpose. But by then it was too late to go back, it can not ‘de-evolve’. We as humans have always been on a path like this. Always trying to discover ourselves, yet doing so blindly. We have not harnessed the atom, we have merely learned to unleash it.

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Seriously, out there, somewhere in another galaxy billions of lightyears away, there could be another planet with similar life to ours. Hopefully it’s smarter than us, because we’re bad at space travel (we haven’t gotten past the moon, for Pete’s sake) and nobody seems to care about where we’ve gotten!

The bible acknowledges life on other planets; how much of a risk could it be to say that there is life out there?

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Blipou bloops globa globa.
Any marsians here?
gosh, wrong planet…

(i’m sure there’re amongst us… or above us anyway)

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where does the Bible acknowledge life on other planets?

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Based on your personal experience do you think there is life elsewhere in the universe?

Why not?

What’s the probability?

I’m afraid I cannot answer that question, due to the fact that “Why not?” is not a valid answer.

Has it always been that way?

Why not?

Will it always be?

Why not?


Why not?

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Where in the bible does it say that we are an intelligent life form for reading it? :smiley:

No pun intended, that was a joke.

Ok, you can laugh now :stuck_out_tongue:


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Yes, there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe…

The surest proof is that none of it has tried to contact us…

(Bill Watterson)

Okay, lets take the universe.

Lets jsut for simplicitys sake say there are a billion stars…

(more like billions of trillions of trillions…)

Lets agree half of those stars have Planets…

Lets agree half of those planets are made of solids.

Lets agree half of those planets have Hydrogen and oxygen in their molecular form.

Lets agree half of those planets have them combined into H2O

Lets agree that the sun on half of these planets is cool enough not to fry, but not cold enough to freeze (wide temp range!)

Lets agree half of those planets have atmosphereic pressure.

Lets agre ehalf of those planets have basic life… (bacteria)

Lets assume that on half of those planets, the bacteria matures into simple creatures…

Lets say half of those planets have intelligent life…

Half of them have our level of intelligence

Half of them have greater…

That leaves us with too many civilizations to count that still have the ability to contact earth.

it isnt a question of if…

But a question of where.

(theeth) #11

Who said life has to be based on Carbon? (from a chemical point of view, I clearly understand the dilema, but lets agree to leave that to others). Or that they have to breath Oxygen?


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According to personal experience there must be life elsewhere in the universe. I’ve seen some really crazy people, they have to come from somewhere. :smiley:
To be serious, I think it is not unlikely that they will find some microbes on the mars.
The probability that life excists elswhere in the univers is quite high.
There are billions of galaxies with billions of suns and billions of planets.
This makes billions to the power of three. There should be some life.
Problem is we will never know. The only chance to get in contact I see is via radio signals.
The probability to recieve those signals should approach zero. It would be pure chance if an other civilization would just broadcast in that time window corresponding to their distance from earth to reach us by time.

But it would be nice to meet some intelligent liveforms, I haven’t seen any, yet. :smiley:

The other questions just can’t be answered due to our limited understanding.
There are some big douts (dark matter, dark energy and stuff) on Big Bang theory, but we have no better theory.

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If you look at the Theory of Evolution and the arguments of evolutionists. Then look at the complexity of the human body and brain. Then think about 4.5 billion years. The think about the chance and necessity needed to make evolution even logical. With all the chances, and all the possibilities, based on the logic and mathematics of our universe, why couldn’t a few civilizations be inhabited by robots?

When you think about it, even a complex robotic body is much simpler than the human body. The materials are easier to replicate, they are even natually found in nature. Even the parts in computer components (if they’re logic and circuitry would be based on semi-conductors) can be found in nature. Yet while digging, you don’t find a heart, or even any kind of tissue (unless digging in the backyard of a psycho). I think if someone can claim that the human body was developed by chance in such a short time, with all it’s complexities, that it is totally possible another planet could be inhabited by terminators.

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Dark matter and the rest have nothing to do with the potential of the Big Bang being true or not. If dark matter is indeed a massive collection of neutrinos, then this would still be matter. Neutrinos is just the smaller building block of other subatomic particles. But none the less, they are still matter, in which would’ve been produced by an event such as the Big Bang.

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Here I am !!! (just in time) :smiley:

Problem with live and chemistry is that life is a very complex mixture of thousands of different compounds. These compounds have to be stable enough to last as long as they are needed, but also have to be reactive enough to allow metabolism. With the conditions on earth only carbon based compounds meet this three conditions.

If there are other liveformes based on other elements we probably coudn’t contact them, because of thier life conditions.

A silcon based lifeform on earth would probably burn within seconds.

Breathing oxygen is not necessary for life. We have some microbes here on earth.

(tordat) #16

I’m not an expert in Big Bang Theory, but a theory gets stronger if there are proofs. To my knowladge, it is not proven that neutrinos have the mass they should have according to big bang.

On the other side there are hints that the universe is expanding faster and faster (not proven yet, too). This is contrary to what Big Bang theory says.

(acasto) #17

Dark matter is extremely massive. When neutrinos compact together, it leaves much less empty space. Dark Matter is expected to even be the force that balances galaxies as they spin.

I looked into the universe expanding faster thing. The fact that it is expanding is part of the proof of the Big Bang. What is the issue in this case is our understanding of gravity and an alleged force proposed by Einstein. This alleged force would be the opposite of gravity, an opposition force. The Big Bang causes the universe to expand, however, our current theories (post big bang) are based on our understanding of gravity. In theory the expansion should either remain the same, or slow down.

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Hi, like that discussion :smiley:

Complexity not necessarily means perfection. Perhaps we are not yet at that point of understanding to explain everything. More probable, we will never be able to understand everything.
A dog is a very complex organism, too, but he will never understand why his food is hidden in a shelf by its owner, nor be able to explain it.

Just to remember the materials menkind is made of you will find everywhere, too.
You only have to take a piece of marble and there you have carbon, oxygen and calcium.
All really important for life on earth.
Im sure you will nowhere find a spontaniously created gear, microchip, screw or what ever is need for an robot. So they have to be made somehow by someone and this is again a very complex matter.
Perhaps there are lifeformes we can’t imagine. Problem is, if we are can’t imagine how should we realize them.
I can’t think of a lifeform that I can’t imagine. :-?

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Hi acasto :smiley:

Don’t wanted to start a dispute on big bang. As I said I’m not an expert for this.

The point of my statements is, that I think one can’t argue that something is not proven in any detail or to complex (e.g. evolution) and therefore unlikely, with arguments that are unproven, too.

I think we have to accept we don’t know everything and we will never know everything. We just can speculate on things and use theorys which can be helpful for our needs and that are simple enough for our understanding. This necesseraly leaves some questions open.

We just use the theories as tools and as long as we don’t ideologize them, there is room for religion, philosophy, scieneces, mystic. Most of it is unproofen but one also can’t give an conterevidence in general.
In our times sciences are simply work best for our technological purposes.

(Dittohead) #20

I believe we’ll be gone by the time we find out wether or not the there is life out there.

Frankly, I don’t give a crap.

I hope thier mean and they kill us all, that way we don’t have to try to make peace or whatever. :-?