Ready to Rock! (plug me in)

As a part of a more complex scene including my amp cabinet, amp head and guitar, here is a test of shaders using Substance Painter for the Metalzone pedal.

The other pieces are all modelled and with basic shaders. I just need a good idea for the composition so comments are wellcome!!!

In the mean while I have been playing with Substance Painter and this is the result. Hope you like it!

Blender + Substance Painter + Photoshop.

Nice!!! :slight_smile:

oh wow! had this pedal for years! i love the model, and wait to see the rest of the scene!

Im really stuck with the concept. :spin:

No good ideas for this at all in my mind for now. :frowning:

I think I will improve shaders of the other components till magic come as an idea for the composition.