Ready to use scene (evermotion…)

Hello people!

I’m looking for some interior/exterior ready to use scene. I know « Evermotion », but not a huge catalog, I know « Turbosquid », but their search engine is outdated so not easy to find unless you watch the 1423 result pages.
So do you know some alternatives? :nerd_face:

You can use a regular search engine to search any 3D model site; that’s sometimes better than searching the site itself if their own search is inferior.

I use DuckDuckGo, and their syntax is “interior scene”. Pretty sure Google’s is the same.

But just typing in “interior scene” is likely to result in many results as well; it’s too generic. The trick is to limit the search just enough so you get what you want without getting swamped.

There are more 3D model sites than you can shake a stick at; just three here:


I thought there would be other sites specializing in interior scenes like evermotion :face_with_monocle:

Chocofur has a few interior and exterior scenes: