Real Bathroom

It is an attempt to make a real bathroom. :-?

good start, nice feeling overall.

the light situation looks kinda boring though. maybe you could open that door and let some natural light come through. or add some blue sidelight coming from a window… with very soft shadows.

welcome to elysiun! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments. :smiley:

I had just a short time to make this render, in concrete I did it in 2-3 hours.
I will try to introduce a lateral window creating smooth shades. Thanks for your advices.

Excuses my Englisgh. :-?

Nice render!! It looks pretty good. I agree with @ndy, but it also seems to be missing something else…hmmm. The sink in my bathroom is definately not that clean, maybe it needs something to break up the surface like rust, dirt smudges, or even some water drops. Also the wall looks a little flat, maybe a texture or bump-map (orange peel texture?) would help it look more real.
Keep it up!

My only two crits needs a window and the plug.

My intention was to create a new and clean bathroom of photograph study, one already not used.

Although you have much reason in yours coments.

I will make the same bathroom but used and dirty, with some more lights.

Thanks for your critics. :smiley:

A small crit…pull up the sink plug slightly, so that we can see the black parts. It’ll be much more realistic that way.