Real bitch (err, sorry)

(malefico) #1

And is no lie !Some time ago I started an animation on my (now not so) recently passed away dog. I set up a page posting the slow (but steady) advances on
it. Check it out (english version)Cheers.malefico

(blengine) #2

what a cute bitch! id like to tap that :wink:
uhhhh… hey nice modeling =D very smooth… the legs look really too small for the body though, but it kinda fits the style, nice job

(S68) #3

Sweet :wink:


(Alltaken) #4


(Xampersand) #5

Nice work!

(malefico) #6

Thanx guys !

Many people pointed out the “lack of proportion” of my dog. Well, sadly she was even more desproportionated than what I modelled, can you believe it ? :smiley:



(Bentagon) #7

cool, but I’d get rid of the edges, I don’t think they fit with the quite realistic look of the dog