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Real Camera 2.0 is an Addon that organizes the Blender Camera values.
With this update, now the values are physically based. This means that if you change the Aperture from 2 to 1.4, you are also doubling the light,.
You need to have Filmic installed for the correct working of the Addon.
This update also introduces Auto Focus Baking for Animations and Auto Exposure for people who don’t want to use real camera values.
Here is the list of the changes:

  • Physically correct Values
  • Autofocus 1000x faster
  • Autofocus Baking for Animations
  • Auto Exposure
    ​- Auto Updater
    ​- Time in the Timeline
    Thank to Joseph Dowling who helped me with the code

This looks really good! I’m gonna have to give it a try.

yeah, that looks excellent. nice try.:o

Hi Marcio,
thank you for the time and Effort!
I have a suggestion. Most of the Time i want to input the Shutter speed in milliseconds like in the Photography. It would be good to add a Unit there or mention that in the Documentation.
May be you could add a toggle, because i am not sure how many people know that you can enter the math there.
Working in Milliseconds makes it more convenient when working with Photo refrences (or HDRI) - for me :wink:


Nice job. :slight_smile: Would it be possible to have ‘point & click’ focus? To make it possible to focus/animate focus to other locations that only in the centre of the image? Basically like it is on a mobile phone.

Thank you!
I just recently discovered the first version of your addon but this one looks a lot more robust.

What I don’t understand is the real world values in the documentation.
Suns strength should be set to 1000?

Another thing is that the Real Camera menu appears also in the light settings menu.
Is that intended?
I was expecting to find it only in the camera settings.

Anyway thank you once again for the great help here, it already makes my workflow smoother.
Filmic, Real Camera, Denoising… I think Cycles is moving towards to be a really competitive render engine :slight_smile:

Hi Macio,

this addon is a really helpfull tool that pushes cycles to an even more professional level. Yet there is one thing missing that might make it even more powerfull: a white balance function.
do you think it would be be possible to implement? render out a grey card is a good method, but takes extra time. There are also compositing nodes that do white balance, but maybe there are better methods. What do you think?

I’ve given a really poor and fast look at this addon, so not sure if I’ve missed something in the usage, but I’ve noticed something not really correct.
Since I’ve read it works with filmic, I thought it worked with scene referred data workflow.
But playin with values I’ve noticed that it just change the exposure slider value in the CM panel which is “wrong”.

Let’s assume I want to export a EXR to work on another software.
The exposure adjustments won’t be baked into the exr cause they’re given on display data only.

But playin with values I’ve noticed that it just change the exposure slider value in the CM panel which is “wrong”.

I just noticed the same yesterday… although I found it is changed in very small amounts at least in my tests (something like 0.99).

I was expecting that it will only adjust the film exposure and some how keep that recorded for every camera.(?!)

Another, not so important thing is that if you uncheck the real camera you lose all you previous settings on that camera.

The first time I checked “Real Camera” and then checked “Autofocus,” a “Chart” button showed up. I clicked the button, but got a “file not found” error on Google Drive. Now the button is gone.

In the “Guide” (followed the download link above, then scrolled to the link) it says to use the chart to find the correct value for a scene, but I don’t see the chart there, either. Is it no longer needed?

Also, can the focus point only be set/adjusted using the autofocus checkbox? I tried various things, but it doesn’t move.

It is an issue, thanks for reporting, we will fix it soon.
The Autofocus automatically send a ray and hits the object that will be in focus

Macio!!! this is really greate! it helps so much! thank you!

Is this project still alive?

The add-on works fine! I don’t know if there is plane for more updates, but as is now, it is pretty good!

I wanted to try this with a favourite scene. From a new scene, there the option is. Loading a scene, no sign of it.

You have to convert your camera to a Real camera, in the camera settings.

Kinda confused about what values to use for shutter speed. I currently have to match my render to a shot footage for a vfx shot… the footage was shot at 24p, camera shutter speed was set to 1/48th of a second, but I dont know how to get those values right… i suck at math. i am aware that there is an equation for calculating this but i dont know about it. I read some other threads on this but everything went straight over my head…
Can any one please explain how I can do it right?
Thanks in anticipation.

Is working on 2.8 ?

Nope, this addon has been deprecated because it doesn’t male sense to use it.

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