Real early game

Greetings all,

Long time lurker first time poster. I just signed up today :cool:

Here is my POS:

Project Goal: Make a top down dual joystick style shooter in blender game engine.

Objectives: Use a pixel art style. The main character or player controlled vehicle is a bat that shoots sonic waves. The enemies are velociraptors. The player goes for a high score.

Success Criteria: A working end game that I can upload to gamejolt for others to play.

Risk/Obstacles: I lack a strong programming background I mainly do ‘art’; however I feel confident that I will be able to get a basic game up and running within a week. Time will also need to be properly budgeted for this project. My NLA editor skills are also a bit rusty so I will have to do further research. There will only need to be 4-5 series of animation for the player, enemy, and attack animation.

This is our current progress on my main character:

I’ve made it a little bit further Some basic movements and animations are now done. I will mostly be working on this project on the weekends.

Keep on the work…It’ll be great if you post some pics! :slight_smile:

Something I’d suggest is getting yourself familiar with Python. It’s a great tool in the BGE that can turn basic brick functions into things you’d see in an actual commercial game.