Real Effects Studios (03/18/05)

This was formerly the topic on us uniting with Imageshack but since it didn’t get to far and it was sort of a pointless thread seeing as the links provided were revised this is the major update new release.


Real Effects Studios (RFXS) has been struggling for some time now to get a very functional and proffessional looking website design that is fully automated and fully integrated with the forum. We have semi-succeeded!

We have just revised our website template (the big hit was OrangeSplash which was orange and white with greys and blacks) from HTML to PHP. This allows for a much more dynamic site design and more convenient contact page.

The big clincher: NO FRAMES! We finally did away with frames all together and so none of you can really complain now! (:P) - Rowan Wigginton (aka: wiggie or rowan) helped out tremendously in explaining some of the browser and stylesheet difficulties we encountered.

The new look features expanding tables and php include commands to aid in loading mutliple pages with the same content. The new layout also threw in to spin the revision of our Blender Academy which now has actual URLs instead of simple body pages previsously used with frames. This allows users to link to the pages and yet still easily access the main page contents such as forum and gallery.

Speaking of galleries - we just updated our New ImageShack Powered FREE Image Galleries that were carefully designed by Rowan. He provided us with a simple demo gallery which was edited to match the color schemes of the main page a little bit better. How the galleries work:

  1. You must go to the request page at:

  1. Fill out the information required or optional. Any errors will be reported in red at the bottom of the page under the Send button.

  2. The gallery administrator(s) will look at the information provided and encrypt the information in an offline (to prevent hacking) database for review when editing or adding to galleries. The administrator will then send you an email with the subject “GALLERY CREATED” and it will inform you as to what your Username, Email, and Password configuration were along with the information that you provided was. (S)he will then inform you how to update the content.

  3. To add images to your gallery you will need to go to your Gallery CPanel which will be located in your Images Menu underneath the Artist Profile link. The first page is to upload images to your gallery and it has a link to edit your profile. The page for gallery uploads is always:

and for the profile editing form:

where “galleryname” will be the name of your gallery.

  1. The gallery administrator(s) will look over the information and edit or add the content upon validation. You will then be sent a message with the subject “GALLERY UPDATE” and we will let you know when we recieved the submit form so that you can verify that you actually sent this form and not a hacker. If validated then the content will be added.

Some may find that using a free gallery such as coppermine that is totally automated is a better way of doing it - and to some extent yet - however we have gallery administrators to look over the images to verify that they are valid images and not of a “controversial” subject matter and so that we can more securily verify that you are the user of this account.

For mutliple user galleries the users must provide the same information reguardless of which user and we have already expected this and so one of the fields available is “Artist” so that the same gallery can be used by many different users (ie: for groups, clubs, school grades…etc).

We hope you enjoy the new updates to the website and if you find any errors or would like to suggest more content or provide some hosting or bandwidth relief please use the contact form on the contact page or email us at:

[email protected]

Thank you for your time and interest in Real Effects Studios and our support of the Blender Community! :wink:

Daniel (prince)
RFXS and BlenderMan Administrator

The following are alist of URLs to the various sections of our website:

Main Page -

Forum Page -

Chat Page -

Blender Academy Index -

Gallery Index -

Gallery Demo -

Gallery Request -

Contact Page -

Content Update Bump Post

Love the orange and grey theme? Well it just got better! We have once again updated the features found on our website to include better php formating with a gallery page, and better academy files!

The updates that are still remaining are:

Login at “Welcome” menu
Private Messages alert
Update Gallery template

We just want to thank everyone who has been keeping up with this community website and wish you all happy Blending! We hope you like it Enjoy!

Daniel (Prince)
RFXS and Blenderman Admin

please try to stop posting so many update threads.

i doubt if anyone is going to take the time to read all of that.

please try to get to the point in a simple post.

hmm and why does your website display so weirdly in my browser, there are bits and bobs all over the screen :frowning:


Hey whats with the pixelated banner? :wink:

please try to stop posting so many update threads.

Now theres a thought! :wink:


Just read through your first post, and visited your site, I like the orange/grey look.

Everything seems to display ok here using, Mozilla firefox @1280x1024, windows XP.


i am on a 1600x1200 screen which might makea difference. the main content of the site is showing way over to the left. the buttons and bottom baner thing are way over to the right

firefox BTW


Point taken - if someone could reply more often then i wouldn’t have to however - 12 days is more than enough time for some updated news - i mean we updated everything including the Blender Academy files which many beginners like to hear about! I will however refrain from updating this thread every time we have major updates. :wink:

Since i’m at it however we have updated the galleries (missing one image however) so if you would like to take a look please go to:


Daniel (prince)
RFXS and BlenderMan Admin

EDIT: So sorry about the firefox thing - it worked fine offline but online it got messed up…i’ll be fixing it sorry! CSS prob!

simple error - fixed the missing </table> tag in the right menu - sorry about that!