Real Fire

I need to make some fire for a logo I’m making, the question is, How do I make real looking fire. I know I can use particles w/ textures, but that is sloppy/cartoonish. I also need a good torch for the base, but that comes later…

First, I need really good looking fire. (the kind that would come out of an iron torch.

like this?

Not at all. More like this:
Except, not spread out. As it will be defined by the circumfrence of the torch.

You might find what you need here.

Above colors with this general shape.

most people use particles, so that shape is hard to do. Fire actually behaves as a thin fluid. Blender has fluids, but that is alos hard to do. The other method mentioned in the thread above (candle flame) might be modified to make your blaze.

This will not be animated, probably shouldn’t even use blender…

inkscape gives you vector drawing capabilities if you want to use it for the general outline and shape. You can import svg files (simple ones) into blender, or export from inkscape to a raster image and use gimp to texture your flames in. Or model the imported svg in blender and use the extensive texturing, mapping, and shader effects available in blender.

If you don’t need animaion (and even if you do) you could scan the image of the fire and use it as a texture in blender. I’ve done that with a lot of textures and the results look great.