Real Flow

Nothing against Blenders Fluid Sim, I use it all the time but I was just wondering if there is any possible way to import files from realflow. This would be really cool:)

I agree, I have had a quick muck around with it. For small areas (a cup, jug, hose etc) blender fluidsim is sweet, but for large areas (lake, waterfall, dam etc) a particle based simulation seems to work way better. Would be cool to get a second water sim in blender for large areas of water, but thats a fair bit to ask for now.


isnt there a particle based system in the works for the current fluid simulation???

I wrote this simple script for running animated mesh sequences in blender

import Blender as B

ObjetoMaster = 'Swap'
Nombre = 'mesh_name.' # mesh databloq name without numeric extension
Digitos = 3                    # numeric extension digits

Frame = str(B.Get('curframe')).zfill(Digitos)
MeSwap = Nombre + Frame
Me = B.Mesh.Get(MeSwap)
Editmode = B.Window.EditMode()
if Editmode: B.Window.EditMode(0)
ObSwap = B.Object.Get(ObjetoMaster)

Just import mesh sequence into blender as obj, then erase all objects and leave only mesh databloqs with fake users

Have you used that script before? When I try to run it, it doesn’t work. I would really appreciate if you could write out how to use it, I am not sure what to import from realflow 4 anyway. There are no .obj files just .bin files.:confused:

it works like this:

you import your objects somehow, if they are in obj format you can import the sequence with blender’s obj importer, then what it matters is the meshes not the objects, so you can actually erase all objects keeping the mesh data intact, just use the Shift F4 menu to add fake users to all sequence meshes so they don’t get lost on save/reload

So just be sure that all meshes are named like this:

  • meshname.001
  • meshname.002
  • meshname.003
  • meshname.004etc, etc

currently it just playbacks one mesh every frame, if you are on frame 1 it will display meshname.001 and so on but if you want I can change it to be object controlled or what ever :slight_smile:

Now I see thank you very much!:slight_smile:

Is that a particle BASED system, or is it just the particles to do smaller drops that splash out of the simulation etc? If it is particle based and will work with the current one, that would be sweet.


Our fluid sim is voxel based, particles are used for preserving detail only (which they do very nicely)

When I try and run your script it say python script error, check console. :confused: Is you script only compatible with a certain blender?

It worked when I first did it months ago and it works with CVS, here’s a test blend file working, it needs Script Links to be turned on for it to work realtime

oh and I forgot to tell you that you need a mesh object, in my case named “Swap” (ObjetoMaster = ‘Swap’), mesh sequence is gonna be displayed on that mesh object

I hope the example blend file clarifies things