Real FX Studios Hosts: Glassworks

Post your glass images here!

i was pittling around and i came across these images from my studios portfolio and i decided to finally release these to showcase my studios glassworks division (dedicated to making glass like images)

here they are: all the same slightly different colors to show what types of colors glass could be!

[![](](     [![](](     [![](](

i welcome comments as well as other people to flaunt there "glassworks"!  :D

Looks nice. When looking at the bottom I get a slight realistic feeling though it still needs some work. Also get rid of those atifacts.


thanks! that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my work - “a slight realistic feel” - you made my day! :smiley:

the artifacts are caused by saving it as a jpg then doing editing work then resaving it - had i saved it as a bitmap or png there wouldn’t be those nasties! :wink:

Oooh, those are purty…ahem excuse me it’s 4:40am and I just got back from work. :wink: Nice effects with the caustics…I gotta look into to using that effect some time. :slight_smile:

no kidding! it’s six am and i haven’t slept a wink! i posted those images at 4 or 5 am (i think!?) thanks! if or when you get your images made feel free to post em here! :wink:

very nice elvis, i mean price :D.

NICE - real - NICE

thankyou grim and kruchy! i think that it is my best glass image yet! thanks again guys! :wink:

no problem dude.

hanks! that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my work - “a slight realistic feel” - you made my day!

lol, I am glad, no problem.


Nice and glassy, that is…all I have to say I guess :slight_smile:

thanks kansas_15 and antiggo! i might have some others coming soon! i am thinking of doing a bombay sapphire series! :wink:

the bottom looks especially real.

very nice, reach out and touch it, has a nice look to it.

you want to know my secret?

subdivide the cntrl e till it gets a pointed edge! the sharpness filter used in the sequencer helped too!

like i said i wanted to do this cause a reference i saw was awsome! i don’t endorse drinking as i think it is a terrible waste of time and it is just morally wrong… but the caustics from the reference i saw in a deco magazine was amazing so i figured i could model a replicate model - here it is:

hope you like it! the image quality is better although still alittle blotchy cause the sequencing editing caused some artifacts but overall it is good quality image! so give me what you got! :wink:

Really nice renders you’ve got there! Roughly how long did those take to render because I’m in the middle of rendering one right now that’s taking hours! I think it’s probably because I’m using full GI with yafray and it’s a few more models being subdivided in the process but so far it’s on hour 3 for an 800 x 600 resolution pic. I’m starting to think that GI isn’t the quickest route for your technique? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll post this mother… when it finally finishes!

finally someone replies! i thought for a sec there that it was awful or something!

it took about 30 minutes to render and that was with 250000 photons from the photon lamp and a total of 100000 photons from the gi lamp. the cache was set to low. It only took 2 minutes to shoot the photons and the first fake pass took 10 minutes, the others took about 4 each and the render pass took 10 minutes (it is usually as long as the fake pass).

Glad you like it! I won’t be posting anymore Bombay Sapphire bottles cause i don’t like the idea of alcohol or endorsing it - this was a one time thing to recreate a awsome model!

you can post your glass image right here if you want although i am sure you rather make your own thread! can’t wait! :wink:

30 minutes? Damn, I am doing something wrong then. My quickest render for glass was about an hour…I’ll post that one when I get my web server situation figured out…stupid fortunecity…

Also, yeah endorsing alcohol can be touchy since a lot of people here are minors. Not sayin’ that’s bad but it’s good of you to think that. :slight_smile: Personally I’m fine with booze (Since I’m legal)! :smiley:


Grrr…I’m starting to get upset with my main web server but at any rate I signed up with a free one for the time being. Here’s a link to my first yafray glass test…parts are dark but I’m working on that. :slight_smile:

EDIT… okay fcpages stinks too! I swear I’ll get my pic up once fortune city’s tech support gets back to me. …I’m really starting to hate the interent. :stuck_out_tongue:

nice pics, the bombay saphire looks good tries to reach into screen and grab bottle