Real guy in a 3D environment WITH camera movement-- UPDATE

Ok, I’ve been working on this shot for a little over a week. And I am PRACTICALLY done… I just need some help with a couple details.

The animation: Greenscreen & 3D… 12 seconds, 2.3 megs, Quicktime Format

Here are the problems I’m having:

  • How can I get the orangish particles to go BEHIND my greenscreened character. (That’s me, by the way. :p)
  • How can I give myself a shadow that’s not a box? (I’m on a plane…) Is there any way to fake it if it doesn’t work automatically?

I suspect both of these have to do with the fact that my texture has an alpha channel which is governing transparancy. Anyway to get around this?

If you see anything you don’t like, tell me!

Thanks a lot!


wow I really like the movie looks very cool! not sure how to fix the particle problem tho

Nice work! :smiley:

If you are just a plane with alpha, then you can use raytracing to provide a shadow for yourself… As for the orangish dots, I haven’t a clue.

Dummy me, read your post again and yes you are on a plane -

If you have raytracing on, then select the object your shadow will fall onto and then make sure the “trashad” button is pressed. Also, select the plane with you on it and make sure that it is using raytransp and NOT Ztransp.

Hope this helps!

don’t know if this is possible with the sequence editor, but maybe you could render it in passes?? first environment, then particles (or those two together), and then the person. After that, just combine the two…

lovely work, btw, although the environement could go with higher resolution textures and more variation.

  • Bentagon

Wow that’s cool.
How did you do the camera tracking? (if that’s the right term, the matching of the movements of the camera filming you with the movments of the camera in the blender scene).

Wow, the camera work is amazing! Nicely done!

you tried rendering with the unified renderer? I think that could fix your particle problem…maybe not, but I would try it.

nice. a looked it maybe 20 times and i can’t find any glitch in the tracking.
you’ll have to tell how you did this trick :wink: I can’t explain you can zoom out that much.
cc maybe: beside the particle you already know: you could have shadow under your body.

That is really great work, especially the movement in your live footage. No suggestions about the glowing ball, though…

all I can say is: wow. :o great work. You must’ve had a huge greenscreen.

I’d love to know how to do this stuff.


Awesome stuff effstops. Great use of Blender.

I have nothing else to say.


I always love to see your work, Colin. Unfortunately I only get the audio? Any thoughts?

I got a Sorensen Video 3 CODEC with no audio.

Are you using Quicktime to play it or another player. It sounds like it is a CODEC version issue.

Duh! I just updated the Quicktime player and was able to see it!

AWESOME!!! Holy Canolies!
Great job Colin!

How did you do the camera tracking?

:o Both solutions worked perfectly! Thanks iindigo and X-WARRIOR! I love this forum.

Now, new problem. What if I don’t want my shadow perfectly sharp? My raytracing-enabled light doesn’t have any… settings.

Ok, for those of you who want to know how this was done… here are some hints:

The camera movements were tracked by hand.
My greenscreen is only 6 ft wide and 9 ft tall.

You’ll get it…keep thinking! :smiley:

Thanks for all the encouraging comments thus far!!


This is very impressive, effstops!

It would be even cooler if you’d walk up there :P. Technically it looks to me as if you are standing on a rotating disc (with some markers on it) in front of the green screen and did the rest by hand - but it’s just a guess…

Keep it up!

to get some blurred shadows you could use a arealight. It will be more time consuming to render but you will have some nice sharpness falloff with your shadow. Could you render your movie as divx or something less windows specific???
Thanks in advance and good luck.

By the way what program did you use to remove your greenscreen?? Maybe you could try to color correct your shootage to eliminate the greenish blur…
BTW2 when you shoot against a greenscreen you should, if possible, use a progressive scan camera with a high a res and 3 ccds are preferable. If this is all to expensive (for me it is) you should lit your scene from behind too, this will eliminate a huge part of the green blur and give some sharp edges…