Real Hair with Blender(final images and tut notes)OLD THREAD

I was trying to make hair with blender and think I’ve made it.

In the begining, working with particles seams to be the best option (and I get good results and a bunch of nice effects), but changed the idea and I got this.

It is not the best example but it can give you an idea about what can be done.

Best of all, You Can ANIMATE It !!.

I’m working on a tutorial, just give me a little more time.

The first image was truly missundertood I tried to show the possibilities.
If you prefer combed hair here are two examples.
As you can see in this image the form was exagerated

Please read further. I am posting new images.


Sorry to say this, but this doesn’t strike me as real hair at all.

For this length (tho not animable) it’s better to use particles as you suggested (
For long hair RipSting’s fiber script works like a charm (when it works :slight_smile: )

BTW, I’m stil linterested in your method, it’s just that this particular picture doesn’t look real.

Good try at the hair. While the present image is not the most convincing, I can see how a thicker growth would look quite realistic.

Looking forward to learning more about your technique. from the looks of it I’m guessing alpha-mapped polygon “strands”, but I could be wrong.


It screams donald trump. It would look much better if it was thicker and tamer (i.e. not 3 inches above his head). The strange thing is that it looks like the hair sometimes spawn out of mid-air. Also, hair does not randomly come out of your head, it follows lines that determine the direction it naturally flows. The hair should also be affected by light too, with just a little bit of shine.

I think it has potential.

guys…HELLO!!! he made hair!!! without using particles, and it doesnt look like the card method…i think he did a great job…and i cant wait for the tut.


i have 1 thing to say

that’s frikken AWESOME!!

Meh. I’ll stick with the beast or Fiber.

Oh my GOD it is a balding monkey!

I’ll stick to fiber as well…

…but I’ve already figured out this guys secret :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Make a row of edges only, you can do this by “D” duplicating
    a bunch of vertices and then just “E” extrude the individual

  2. Continue to “Groom-your-new-hairstrand” by extruding
    more edges ALONG your head…in eg. sideview/topview etc…

  3. “D” Duplicate your newly drawn “strand” of hair
    within the Edit-mesh mode as much as you like

  4. Use the “O” Soft selection mode to DEFORM and VARY
    your puddle-of-hair :slight_smile:

  5. To make your HAIR-strands visible…here’s the trick
    a) Go to your F5 (material/shading) menu and select
    b) WIRE.

By doing this - your strands will appear as wire :slight_smile: neat trick

Was I right?
(anyway…just tested my theory and yes…it works)

I think this has potential although the test image soesn’t look right. However being able to animate it is gonna be a big advantage! BTW, did anybody see that thing on TV about how the hair in Shrek 2 was animated in clumps by little magnet like things? Once set up that could be a great way to animate hair. Just a thought,


Thanks for all of your comments

I know, I know, it wasn’t the “best” example at all, I’m working on a better image but wanted to finish this tut

As you can see I got much better results with particles but the problem was to animate them, I did it, but it is not practical

Fiber didn’t work for me and I read somewhere that it just work in Blender’s 2.23 or something

Shine is not a problem, form isn’t too, you just have to work systematically

I didn’t find the “wire” method as good as this.

I am not (I think) inventing nothing just taking a different route

Well follow the lead :smiley:
I mean follow this link :wink: :smiley: :expressionless:

Mmmm just a comment, I did this tutorial because i found a lot of information here and in other sites and is a form to say Thanks to all of you, who takes the time to share

English is not my first language, so, if you find an errror :wink: please let me know

Hey, thanks! I’m also not very impressed with your above image, but this method has great possibilities if refined further.

As for your English, there are two errors on the first page. You mis-spelled scientific and tedious.

Maybe we ought to ask how they do John Kerry’s hair. :wink:

I’m convinced that the man must be congenitally bald, with a really ba-a-a-ad toupee. :smiley:


yer link does not seem to work for me? :frowning:


Could you add one more lamp in the front of suzanne? Renders are little dark.

But what I can make out the pics, I really like it so far.

First of all, nice try at the hair. However, I got ask this, “What chemical plant did you find that monkey?” :o JK 8) . Rome was not built in a day. Look forward to seeing more hair raising renders. BB

Forgive me about those ugly renders !!!

I was playing around with this idea and got these images.

The original size was 1024*768. Had to sharpen a litlle when resize
The first 3 have an extra sphere
The next 2 are hair only

Render time for each image was Less than 3 minutes. Redraw time about 35 seconds.

Now I really hope you like them !!!

These are much better, but still, can you make it more dense?

Did you use particles?

No I didn’t. I use modeled planes and dupliverts. You can read more here: