Real Lamp control with Blender and MicroPython

While developing various projects with the electronic wifi module, I thought why not integrate it into the blender. And such a result came out.

I publish the plugin I developed on github. Usable but not fully stable. I have not prepared a user manual. I added the link for those who are interested

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Meraba manahter, that looks quite interesting. The code part in modules does not seem to belong in the Blender script folder. I guess that is the micropython part for the microcontroller (ESP32 or ESP8266 ?). How do i install and use it? Please, enlighten us.

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The codes allow to find and control the ESP device in LAN from the blender. Codes are only install to the blender.

Step 1) Install Micropython on your ESP device and then enable webrepl.
Step 2) Download this plugin and install it in the blender.

Note: Your computer and ESP device must be on the same network.

If you can’t, write down where you stuck. I’ll try to help.