Real Life Game(Virtual life Game--You Must See!!!!)

Hello,as we know games are for entertainment and fun and usually even the best games doesn’t complete our real needs for our imaginary.But always many had dreamed of a large scale games,games you dreamed of that you can do anything you want in it,but as we saw in the past years there’s many games that were near to life(but not completely) like Grand Theft Auto Series,Sims Series,and more.

These made games didn’t fullify many users needs,since in every game of these,there is a thing you want to do but you can’t and till now none of these games made a difference in this type of ranking…From now we decided to open the doors for the work on the large scale game that you can do every thing you wish in it and anything you want,this kind of games need large scale work.
So it will work like that,the time will begin from the 1920s,every player will choose his own human and customize him as he wants,then he will select where he wish to live in any country he wants so like that it will give everything possible…You must eat in order to survive,you must work to earn money to live,if you kill you will be on the police wanted list and there will be a prize for your capture,you would go to jail,you can steal,drive,travel,spy,cook,work,kill,love,hate,eat,drink,elect…you can have cars, pets,weapons,wife,children,house,lands and more,so the number of modelers and working users must be high enough,since i can’t do it alone,or if we were 5 or 6 or 7 can’t do it alone too,this gonna be by people for people and it’s not a personal project,it’s for anyone.

.What we need:
2.Architecture Modelers
4.Scripts Writers(latter)

Thats for now,anyone who like to be involved in this project will be welcomed!


That’s a model i made lately,it consumed 1 hour to be done but i hope it’s nice:

As you can see i made this model for the project,but it’s a tiny point in the sea of models needed to be done! (:.

This is like the dream game that alot of people, me in included dream about. But its going to take along time for you to make you might aswell just as soon make a mmo anyways good luck it sounds fun.

This should be posted in the Team Projects part of the forum.

Not only that, but… This project would take years with a team of professionals! Maybe you should start with something smaller. A solo project so people can see what you got! No one is going to join a long term project without proof that it can be achieved by the person running it. Alright… Good Luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

mrn:Yes i know that it would take a long time,but it the project will begin with a small city and the point from a small city is to show the abilities you can do in this game and in the other hand it save a lot of time for making it,as i said it’s not my own project it’s most users dream project and i can’t handle it alone :).

drfrev:Thanks for the note!

Linkxgl:Yes,it will be like that,i will make sure a solo project will be done first,since as you said it will be a long term project and i would not handle this kind of project alone,but as an idea it’s a nice for many people and i prefer to do it first in a kind of demo or small scale,but again also i can’t do this demo project alone,i’m doing my best but not doing a big progress…

OK, I see that you haven’t done any game before! Welcome to the harsh desert of game making!
I’ll tell you a little story and hope it will help you!
That dream game of yours, is being done, more or less. My project COS is along these lines, but it has its own story, the chronicles of planet Saba…
I started this game as a training project and decided last year to make it my main project and put all others on hold.
Although I posted many features for the game and showed some screens, it’s very hard to keep people on a project without constant updates. Such an endeavor requires a large scale very detailed plan. And most of all a good programmer! Unfortunately I couldn’t find a dedicated programmer to join the team! So that made the project stall for an entire year, till I learned to put my ideas into code in the most basic way! To sum my project is being developed for more than 3 years and it never left pre-alpha state(most of that time was consumed doing countless tests).
For CoS, I want the player to be able to do almost everything they can, that includes life support(eat, breath, rest, etc) mission creation, free roaming in a galactic scale, mine, farm, develop, assemble, fight, build, etc. So the idea is to first get the world and gameplay working and then add the models as updates to the game.
Normally is easier to have programmers and artists join a working project!
So my advice is to work on the mechanics of such a game and find a way to make it easy to design…
Good luck!

torakunsama:Thanks for your advice,and i see your ideas bit near to mine,I always make sure to work on the mechanics of the game first,and this kind of project may consume a year,2,3 or 4…till it will reach its finish,then its finish will decide the ranking of it,and it will show that it is the top in its kind in everything!So me who will decide its theme and style for attracting users to work and join the project development :)!