Real life game?

I might but am not sure be starting a game kinda like sims that takes place in real life, (of course the life can’t be to realistic or that would be boring… at first it might be a little restricting I am hoping for free roaming,real time interactions so it plays differently each time in the being since I am not to advanced yet everything will have to be planned…

Do you give any reasons on why people should work for you as part of a team? (and a simple first game being worked on doesn’t count)

Part of starting a team is doing plenty of work yourself, and be warned most team projects in the forum in the past has failed, why should people be confident that you will succeed?

Sounds interesting, i’ve never liked the sims, but i’ve always liked free roam. Good luck!

P.S. Don’t mind me, but i’ve noticed you’ve made several threads about you making different games. If your interested, I am in need of some more team members. If your interested send me a PM

Its nothing not asking for help, just an idea I might need people later though…

the team projects forum is usally for finding team members, if u want to display an idea, use the game engine support and discussion section of the forum.