Real looking chemical explosion

Is there any way to make something look like this explosion in Blender?


Anything is possible although you’ll probablyhave to experiment a lot, but why would you want to go to all that trouble when you could just composite keyed footage over your project. Keyed fire and explosions are probably among the most abundantly available catagories to be found on the stock footage market.

I’ve never seen Blender particles that looked anything like that, but you could always try. In most cases stock footage will be better, unless you have a moving camera.

I agree: start with a real explosion. It’s a chaotic event and stuff like that just doesn’t look real unless it is real.

Also… how many times have we seen a sci-fi flick where the explosion was obviously so damned expensive that they just had … to … show-w-w-w-w … it … to … you … again and again?" :rolleyes:

Let’s face it: the shot just needs to show you “here, the bad guy gets it.” :stuck_out_tongue: Instead of doing the slow-mo bit, just make a nice crunchy “bang!” and then show me a quick cutaway something gruesome landing on the ground far away with a squishy thump. Then cut-away again. I’ll get the idea.

We’re attempting to make explosions of the same kind of appearance in the filmI’m directing. We haven’t figured out what we’re going to do yet, but I have one of my team members on the task of finding a solution in Blender. As soon as he figures out a good method of making decent looking explosions I’ll post it here, but it is a very difficult task. Maybe a combination of particles and animated mesh objects?

For our purposes we also have to worry about rubble creation and animation which is an additional challenge, but we’re hoping to use the new particle system’s explode feature and similar scripts to do that.

I’ll let you know if we create anything worth posting.

Here, good luck.

Yeah -that’s a very good resource for some good explosive effects. I did a test with that fireball.blend that came out quite well. It provides a good foundation for the principle aspects in the setup of a realistic explosion.

Woa that’s pretty good. I never would have guessed dupliverts…

I dissected & studied the fire ball by Macke I don’t expect any other person could get a more realistic explosive fire ball or burning texture simulation. The problem I run into in all my experimentations is with Blender’s particle system, let me articulate more, Blender has a fine particle engine butt the most frustrating part is only the emitter has an IPO curve but not the individual particles them selves. i.e. Just imagine you have a fire & smoke emitters and its doing its thing, the particles life is locked into he emitters time IPO so its impossible for them to behave like they would in the real world.
So particles them selves do not have a TIME IPO as a whole or each individually so they cant slowly fade out like smoke breaking down & dissipating, they just pop & disappear, hence the reason why Macke’s fire ball scene has its camera tracking the emitter moving away from the trail to hide the undying or unchanging particles and also the textures too. So I gave up with explosions and smoke etc. until some day Blenders particle system gets overhauled and they add Hypervoxels or some clever dick writes a separate plug-in or somethin?:frowning:

Well, apparently the whole particle system is being re-written (possibly for next release) See the BlenderNation article:

I believe individually controlled particle’s animation is among one of the many new features, so it may just be possible to improve this in the near future to work for explosions.

Can you not just do this?

(I know it’s simple, but you could use this technique… with ztransp enabled.)
Although I admit it doesn’t really work if you want particles to be continually emitting from an object and individually fading once they have been alive for a certain time…

Yeah I know about that, and there are lots of tricks buttt the best way to achive the effect given the obvious imitations is like MadMesh said.

Free sock footage

You might also try having a look at Cogs Ocean Tutorials. I can’t really tell you how good they are b/c I tried them 3 times and could never get past the first few pages, but many others got the job done. The pictures in the tutes sure look good. From what I gathered he uses a lot of animated procedural textures to displace meshes and emulate particle motion which saves your CPU a lot of work too. Fire and ocean waves may be Yin and Yang but they are both dynamic fluids and share many common characteristics. Have a look here:

I wonder if there’s a way to achieve this quality with Blender:

-If not it’s definately a feature worth coding in a future release.

3 words: forget-about-it It may be possible if we had voxels, because the current fluid sim could be adapted to do just that. But somehow someone choose “realistic skies” over “Voxels” for the SoC 2006

How did Rhysy 2 make those awesome explosions

I gave it a shot and this is what I came up with. Just don’t pay much attention to the edges, I’ll get those fixed if I need to.

BTW, the thumbnail does it no justice, look at the fullsize version.


An animation would be much more useful in this case as it’s pretty easy to get the visual appearance of an explosion -it’s the animation that’s the tough part.

Look inside the realisticexplosion.blend from Tynach, he’s got some great deas ,try to improve on his blend.

BTW fantastic work Tynach, I think you won Most Realistic BLENDER Explosion.

I tryed an animation but im new to blender so mines not as good as lazy’s and id post it if i knew how