Real midi integration , real sound interaction and generative art.

I and many others i think would love to have real midi import functions , real audio interaction and generative capabilities.

Like Pure data , vvvv or processing do.

With audio i mean that things can react to the audio .

I know there are scripts for that , but are not really accurate.

I may be asking too much , but if you would integrate midi , it would be cool to add LFO’s , some kind bpm clock and more.

And the generative part , it would be great if blender could do some real time and non real time generative art , like things that grow , following a pattern or certain guides or laws.

Do you think this could be implemented in blender ?

you can’t let a computer generate “your” art, everybody can push a button.
a bpm timer would be handy.

for growing this is a good tutorial or you could use the build effect. as for patterns you could use the array modifier or use the pattern script.

i use many blenderanimations in my vj work and you can have real-time interaction by making use of the game engine.

here’s a piece of live vj-ing i did (though all prerenderd and live mixed)

What does midi have to do with animation (this thread is currently in the animation forum)? You need to post this in the wiki as a feature request, or an off-topic.

btw, midi has to be synthesized into musical notes, usually of pretty bad quality from an audiophile standpoint, unless a sampler is used…but all of that is a totally different application from Blender.

Hey papa , well midi has a lot to do with animation in my area , visuals and tempo synced animation.

Midi can trigger actions , be translated as ipos and more.

About “you can’t let a computer generate “your” art”

Of course not , but there exist generative art , like this for example :

This can be realtime in processing , and everytime you run the application it will do a different “tree”

that’s indeed a nice example.
but you can make stuff like that in blender too but it takes some time

Of course it could. Realtime, pre-rendered, and a mix of the two, controlled by midi… it is all “possible” in Blender.

If you had specifics to discuss it would be much easier to get some dialog going here… but not in the support forums. And really, an open-ended vague feature request like this will get you no joy here, no matter where you post it.

Also, most people here (or anywhere) have little knowledge of midi, or the multimedia performance art world (the lines are getting too blurry to simply call it VJ’ing -imo). I even know life-long musicians who still think midi = beep boop beep.

Maybe you would have better luck going the other way 'round and spread the word about open-source Blender in the VJ community. Get a bunch of people from that world clued in about Blender and you might get something going from that end. It could at least generate some specific dialog between the 2 worlds. Surely there’s some hard-core coders out there in the VJ world, especially now that it’s merging with the demo scene.

I can picture it now, BlenderVJ 1.0… Best of luck!

The lines are blurring fast in the digital art world. Get used to it, folks. :slight_smile:

Midi is a standard in the music world. It is the most basic of data that drives other more complex functions and applications. It would be akin to an ascii file - so to speak. I too would love to see a script that would import a multi track midi and let the end-user select attributes from meshes to connect to the midi notes, bpm, etc. The Midi format is standard and Blender is already stable with robust features - it’s just a matter of someone with Python scripting knowledge to create an interface to link the two.

there is allready a midi import script , it works , but i’ve had some issues whem importing , , but its pretty stright forward , but i had some troubles loading some files ,

check this out

I got the script…trying it out now…looks like a winner.

Thanks for the plug, let me know how it goes for you guys!

did you not check this older thread about jules midi-import script:

you may notice some possible pitfalls to avoy