Real mirror in Blender

Where is the option that I can make an mirror in Blender so it reflects the objects that I have created in Blender?
Or, do I need to coding at my own ?
I am asking because I want to explorer with a mirror function.

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OK. Thank you.

blender internal
or game engine

What do you mean? Where can I find “blender internal cycles” ?

the question is if you are using the Blender Internal, Cycles or the Game Engine?

Are you using the game engine ?
Are you using the blender internal renderer and materials ?
Are you suing the cycles renderer and cycles materials ?
(look at top of blender window to choose render engine)

I am asking because I want to explorer with a mirror function.
What does this mean ? Please show exactly what you want to do so people, can give you exactly the answer you want.

For example I could say in the cycles render use a Glossy shader with zero roughness for a perfect reflecting surface. Would that meet your requirements ? I’ve no idea given your original post.

For the Blender internal engine:
In the properties panel under materials, there is an option to turn on Mirror.
Increase reflectivity to 1 for 100% reflectivity.

For cycles render engine:
Go into properties panel, add a glossy node, and change glossiness to 1.

for Blender Game Engine there is no option to enable “mirror”. You will have to write a script to create this effect in real time.

And if your wondering if there is an option to create a mirror effect in the 3d viewport, there is not. Well, not yet at least :wink: Hope that answered your question! If not, try to be more clear about what you are trying to do when posting a question. Being detail-oriented is not a bad thing when it comes to questions on the forum :yes:.

This answered my question.