Real Names

Hi all, I was just wondering, what is everyones real name?
I am just wondering because a want to see if anyone I know uses blender.

Be warned, I know that some people will think that I am some kind of creep, so decided carefully on whether you want put your name up.

What is your real name? :slight_smile:


Oh, woops, i was planning on puting it in, but i forgot.

My name is Atticus

Full name: David Hendrikus Nathanaël Letwory



metasoma : The Scorpions Tail
Androctonus australis
This scorpion is a medium sized scorpion which can get up to 10 cm in lengths. It has a very thick and powerful cauda. Overall coloration is yellow, with the palpal pincers sometimes darker (please note that this species variates in colors). The last segments of the cauda is sometimes darker than the rest of the cauda.
This species is being kept in captivity. Under no circumstances should this species be kept by other than scientists or professional keepers. This is a very dangerous species!
I’m not aware of any research on the biology of this species, but research on and with Androctonus venom is going on all the time.

yep that’s me!

I’m John W. Allie, but if you’ve been to my website you probably already knew that.

well, i guess my name is Jimmy olsson^^

I don’t usually give out my full name to people, but I guess a lot of you have seen some of my friends on here who do know my real name refer to me as J, since that is the first letter of it. :smiley:

My name is…


lol, people call me J too=)
or mostly Ji…:yes:

Hee hee… sometimes kbot calls me JXXXXX since I sent him something to forward to someone else that I didn’t know, so he blanked out my name on it.

Papa Smurf.
Papa: father, mentor, confidant, adviser, knowledgeable one, wise, omnipotent.
Smurf: a fun-loving, happy, goal-oriented team player, usually male, care-free, definately into CG (in fact, his existence depends on media and CG), but with just a little foreboding and worry about huge giants that seek to entrap him.

CD38: Cluster of differentiation 38. aka T10.

ars ex machina = art out of the machine

I’m Rogério Perdiz… sadly no big secret :stuck_out_tongue:
btw not many people outside Portugal probably knows but a “Perdiz” it’s this little fellow:

I am Spartacus

I’m Spartacus!

Kütt, Felix

Felix = Happy in Latin
Kütt = Hunter in Estonian

that’s right folk’s I’m a happy hunter! :smiley:

though hunter of happiness would be more appropriate. :confused:

Well, if I told you, I’d have to kill you, so that’s probably not a great idea.

However, I can tell you about my user name. “oogsnoepje” is the literal Dutch translation for “eye candy” (there’s no space in the Dutch version because Dutch is a seriously odd language, let’s keep it at that).

Now, you don’t learn Dutch words any other day, so I’ll teach you another one for free: “vliegtuigwielventieldopje”. If you know what that is in English (and you don’t speak Dutch), you’ll get a cookie!

aargh, I hate you now. :frowning: crys