Real/National/Global I.D.

Would you get one if you were told you have to? Be it RFID, microchip, bar code tattoo or whatever.

I will not

It won’t come to that. Trust me. The sympathy is nearly at a end. Hopefully it won’t be played for a very long time.

Implanting a microchip inside you would hurt for one thing.

Requiring you to get microchipped may eventually be more of a reality then you think. Look at verichip and even the Bible has a passage of a mark that will be required to buy and sell items.

I believe for a balanced society it is essential for the people to be able to revolt against their governments. Numbering and coding don’t help as much as they harm, in my opinion.

The same goes for the idea of automated… autos. Having some central computer relate the position of every car to every other via gps. You tell the car where you want to go, then a Google Earth-esque algorithm takes control and drives the car for you. While I think it is a neat idea, which would virtually eliminate accidents, as well as increase efficiency substantially, the idea that, if they chose, the government could know where I am at any time, and potentially take control of my car… well thats-a no good for me, boss. :no:

Sorry… only semi-related, I suppose.


Or you’re the one the police are chasing in a chase and the cop stops your car.

What would happen if the government in 2050 required a mind control implant in your brain so they can be true thought police and control your body if needed?

If the U.S government becomes oppressive one day, can my state become its own nation?

A certain amount of auto hatever is fine, but there is a point when I get a little weirded out.
At the same time, I m trying to think how much I would actually mind verses how much I would mind hypothetically… Its very easy to say thats its insane and unfair, but at the same time, its already happening.

But yeah, I dont see that happening for a good 50 years, simply because people arent fans of their governments at the moment…

You forgot trade as well. Seriously, are you ready to live off of locusts and wild honey should push come to shove? Are you able to provide for yourself and yours in the wilderness? Scary stuff indeed, and yes, it is already happening using students, soldiers and others.

Well go out into the woods and live there and kill and bite into any animal in sight if you’re hungry after you find you can’t buy, sell, and trade.

It may come to that for some people if they don’t want God’s punishment for people who take the mark.

Better yet, stock up on potato chips and dry foods the day before and then after that eat locusts, snakes, grubs, worms, maybe a deer. Go to the rockies and you may find some tasty moose and black bear.

That’s called treason and several states have tried it. Not much happened, other than the most casualties in any American war…


@CD: Take a chill pill buddy, youre pushing it with your preaching again.

Actually it is not treason, it is called succession.

If it hurts I’ll say no to it & go into hiding.

yeah, i’ve got a chiped ID card, and so? :stuck_out_tongue:
THEY WONT GET MY FREEDOM!(wont giv-it!) :mad:

Dogs have to get micochipped here - so humans … well not to far away.

Sounds like something that could be worked into OWF don’t ya think?

Yeah thanks for the advertisement pixelmass. By the way apologies for shooting down your discussion thread down in the OWF. No hard feelings - it’s all good sporting behavior chum.

Hey no problem. Would you like to go quail hunting with me? I have learned a few things from a politician lately. :stuck_out_tongue:

(See my reply elsewhere) :eyebrowlift:

Now back to the topic…

Ah yes. But I do believe the individuals behind a succession are charged with treason, no?


Who would implant all these chips? You’d need a huge army of willing surgeons to do such a thing, something I can’t see happening right now.

Hah! All it takes is a large bore hypodermic needle which most anyone can be trained to manipulate. Doctors don’t do lethal injections, yet they happen. If the price is right you can always find someone willing to do the deed. If you are a child, it could not hurt as much as circumcision.