Real or fake -- You tell me.

Hey folks,

on occaision I like browsing the web for strange footage (hey, don’t we all? :stuck_out_tongue: ), and yesterday I came across this “supposed” sighting of a ufo.

Two things make this really stick out.

  1. Clarity. If this is a fake it is so well done it’s incredible.
  2. It was filmed at the World trade centre (which is sadly no longer with us)

Anyway, what do you think?

Crap! Wrong forum…this should be in off topic…hehe. :o

ofcourse it’s real!

that’s my ufo!

I was on my vacation on earth… and thought I would have some fun while I’m here.


It’s fake. It doesn’t look very hard to make either. The only slightly difficult parts would be getting footage for the smoke trail, and the camera matching (which in fact is not very good in the video).

If it were real, you wouldn’t have video of it because the men in black would have already come to your house and deneuralized you.


I can’t believe you actually think this could be real [email protected]!

Honestly, it was horrible. :wink:

Well – I wasn’t exactly suggesting it was real, was I? :wink: I was trying to point out that it was a very well done bit of footage, and on that score I disagree with both you and weirdhat.

In future, I’ll choose my words more carefully, the way I wrote it does suggest that I think it’s real :o

Hey, it may not have been real, but it sure was cool looking XD

I think it’s fake. The reason why is because of when that ufo does the swoosh thing, it’s almost all captured in the shot and the camara does’nt shake very jittery at all and it definently would if they were in an actual helicopter.

Pretty sure the footage was shot in a helicopter, but the UFO was added later. Just my opinion…

It must be real. You can’t be things that aren’t true on the internet! 8)

Man In Black :Z :Z :Z

Fake, looks espicailly fake if you do frame by frame when flys past the plane.

once i find u desoto, you are next… :Z

it was a very well done bit of footage

Watch frame by frame the part where it zooms in to the WTC. Terrible rotoscoping and camera matching, it jumps around and in front of and behind the WTC from frame to frame. This is not a well done effect.

I saw this on the sci-fi channel…it’s fake, an ok fake when you see it for the first time…anyhow do google search and you’ll eventually find a site by some guy, who “investigated” the footage…it’s a fake, duh! %| the lady turns out is an actress who’s done some work for the sci-fi channel… not the site I saw first but it’s got the facts straight from the horse’s mouth!(unless you beleive in conspiracy theories…)
here’s another one: