real rain 3D model

hi i have been wodering how you go about makeing water or rain from the real world e.g. in a real video look like its falling on and running of a 3D model that has been placed in it.
if any one knows how to do this or a good tutorial please tell me

Not a quick question to answer. There are many different ways to produce water interaction effects. We probably need more information about what you’re trying to achieve:
A light shower falling on wet ground?
A waterfall?
Wet characters? etc.

at the moment i am not doing anything that needs it. i just saw a new advert for a shaver
and on the advert a robot woman gives a man a shave they are both under the shower, and well the water from the shower hits the robots head and runs of her body as if she was real. it just made me wonder how it was accomplished. with most animation i can tell how they did it but this is a question that has bothered me for quite some time, i suppose the advert just reminded me.
i know some animations have used a dummy body and then removed it in the final cut but this just looked so much better than animation i know have used this technique

Probably just clever fluid simulation and compositing.

Here’s a nice particle rain/drips tutorial on how it could be done in 3DSmax. Not very useful if you want to do it in blender I know, but still intresting stuff.

For blender I’d agree with Anthony and have a play about with fluid sim.

i did think it may be just a fluid sim at first but it seemed far to accurate for that because if you play it back frame by fram all the drops from the shower head hit her just as if she was real. and if it was a fluid sim then they must have spent a lot and i mean a lot of time on it.:eek:
I would like to like to figure out how he did his rain in there too. Maybe metaballs and softbodies? Maybe I will give it a try. On second look it looks like the simulator.
ha heres the blend

hi you can see the advert here
and the youtube version

this blend is not working on 2.45 version why ?

Yes it isn’t working in more recent versions of blender, can anyone spot why?

Not sure why the .blend isn’t working… but back to the commercial – they spent £13.5 million on it… probably just built a real robot and poured water on it. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to tell on the low quality web version, but I reckon they’ve got a woman in a suit, then just 3d-composite certain features (water-hand, shaver holster etc) onto her actual body.

Two words - Real flow

It’s what all of the professionals in the industry use.
The robot had to be 3d. There’s no way that was a suit.