Real Restaurant Project

So this’s a WIP shot for a new restaurant based in State of Azerbaijan,and here you can see the kitchen part.


looks nice but it could use some dirty dishes or something. it seems a bit stark.

Thank you a lot for your note. yeah you’re right but since it’s a concept for a new restaurant it should be as clean as possible :wink:

First of all, very good job !
If your customer need something very clean, it’s good, but if he need something more photorealistic. I think you can improve the surface realism, because an stainless carter, a wall or a floor tile is never totally plane. Maybe some wavy bump on the shaders ?

Thank you a lot mate, I’ll take your neat opinion in consideration :wink:

To improve those perfect edges, use [Ctrl]+B on visible edges to Bevel and catch the light better. The gleams go along way. Use the mouse wheel to add lines to the Bevel and keep drywall construction smoother. The Bevel Modifier is a bit too strong so I prefer doing it on a case by case basis.

yeah you’re right about the edges, sure I’ll kick up the quality in next renders. thank you a lot for your tip :slight_smile:

i work on some restaurant too
are equipment mostlty gas or electrical ?

but don’t see any outlets or lamps fixtures yet !

also no small appliances added

what do you want to do with this render
is it to show overall appearance or also use for interferences / locations of equipments?

but nice work in any case
keep it up

happy cycles

actually mostly gas powered and for light fixtures are just simple neon fluorescents, and this render is mainly to show the overall appearance.
thank you for your notes :slight_smile:

did you use cycles?

can you show us nodes set up for the stainless steel
which is looking good

happy cycles

That’s right up there with some of the best I’ve seen. I’ll be posting “Momma’s Place” a bit later which is a factory floor turned restaurant owned by a retired couple. The scene is part of the backdrop to a science fiction series I’m writing.

What you show here is spurring me on to create the back end of the house.

Sure I used Cycles, and for the stainless shader believe it or not I just used the default Glossy shader with high roughness (0.210) with simple light setup and no HDRI at all!

Your reaction made me happy and thank you a lot for that.
Yeah go for it and I wish you the best with your story,concept and everything :slight_smile:

can you show other point of view
shoud be very interseting

are you going to show the area for the peoples too?

happy cycles

yep,I’ll show the entire restaurant. About the kitchen part still needs some work to enhance the final look. Anyway it’s WIP :wink: