Real Sky addon

Real Sky is an addon that allows you to create sky and clouds with physically based lighting
It is a sky generator that simulates the sun rays through the sky atmosphere



thats looks really amazing man !!!

As I said in BlenderNation, I use Vue to create skies. This addon does for $ 20 the same that Vue does for $ 1,000!!

Hey, I’m interested in this add-on.
I guess this is for Cycles renderer, right?
Will it work with Blender 2.8 Eevee in the future?

Hey, yes, it is meant to work in Cycles, and yes, when 2.8 officially comes out we will release an update

Awesome! Thanks for making this add-on!

Like your works and i like Wolves as well , good job as always!

I’ve bought it and tested it.
It works exactly as publicized and it’s not required to be a master to achieve the images in the demo video, they are very easy to achieve and it does look as great :smiley:
I’ve left a more detailed review on the add-on page on blender market.
Thanks again for your work!

Thanks to you rogper :wink: of course when officially out we will update it to 2.8

Got an issue, in the latest Blender 2.8 build I cannot see the generated clouds through camera only through viewport.

Also, please verify sun alignment with the one generated in the sky, they appear to be at slightly different angles, with the fake one being “higher” in the sky than the actual sun lamp’s angle.

(amazing add-on btw)

Thank you for buying. Well, i explained the issue in the guide, since the clouds are far from the camera, then you have to set the Clip End value in the camera properties to something like 800km. The sun disk in the sky has a correct position, but yes it is 2 times bigger than the actual sun size. We are going to fix it in Real Sky 1.6 . Thank you

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Oh wow. This is highly impressive

I bought the trees add-on, which is amazing. I’ll likely get this as well.

But I’m wondering, other than Real Skies being procedural, does it light a scene the same way as would Pro Lighting Skies? I’d just like to know the give/take with procedural vs HDRI?

Thanks! Again, amazing work Marco!

Thank you, so pro lighting skies is just a pack of HDR skies. Real Sky is an add-on that generates a sky procedurally and uses the sun lamp as light source, but all is automated by the add-on Ui

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