Real Sky addon


(macio) #1

Real Sky is an addon that allows you to create sky and clouds with physically based lighting
It is a sky generator that simulates the sun rays through the sky atmosphere


(alf0) #2

thats looks really amazing man !!!

(robertolocatell) #3

As I said in BlenderNation, I use Vue to create skies. This addon does for $ 20 the same that Vue does for $ 1,000!!

(rogper) #4

Hey, I’m interested in this add-on.
I guess this is for Cycles renderer, right?
Will it work with Blender 2.8 Eevee in the future?

(macio) #5

Hey, yes, it is meant to work in Cycles, and yes, when 2.8 officially comes out we will release an update

(rogper) #6

Awesome! Thanks for making this add-on!

(wardepot) #7

Like your works and i like Wolves as well , good job as always!

(rogper) #8

I’ve bought it and tested it.
It works exactly as publicized and it’s not required to be a master to achieve the images in the demo video, they are very easy to achieve and it does look as great :smiley:
I’ve left a more detailed review on the add-on page on blender market.
Thanks again for your work!

(macio) #9

Thanks to you rogper :wink: of course when officially out we will update it to 2.8