Real Steel to soon come to real life (sortof)

This caught me as a pleasant surprise, the SyFy channel may actually get something worth watching in part because it seems so reminiscent to their former days as the Sci-Fi channel.

If you were a fan of the movie Real Steel, then you may really like this, while it is true that the robots are attached to hydraulic tethers and cannot walk on their own, this is a good first step towards ensuring that the movie becomes reality at the date in which it is set or even before.

As already mentioned, the fact that there are legged robots mean that this can potentially go to a much higher level of technological prowess than the old robot battling series where the bots are small and on wheels.

In light of all of this, what do you think, is this show a sign that we might see more robot-centric contests in the future, or do you think its as fake as the ‘fighting’ competitions featuring people?

Yeah that’s actually pretty close.

I think that people in exo-skeletons fighting will happen, but not for sport…

this “force feed back rig” is cool and all, but I think that they could do alot better with some game programmers and some honda robots, and a skilled carbon fiber guy…

As a martial artist I do not approve of the robots movements lol. But a nice start.

But I am with BPP on the exos for war over robots fighting for sports or conflicts, drones aside.

And those are with todays power supplies, that limit us everywhere.

Can barely go to moon yet mars or the jupiter moons, yet have to build spacemarines already… military… rolleyes

I dream someday all the people will stop watching violence and start to enjoy culture and art instead.
Watching fights or violence and you go down a road. But of course everyone has his path to follow. Is just my opinion and I will continue waiting for that day where people awakens.
The future must be cooperation, not competition, and of course not violence that is the worst kind of competition. Competition is the way our controllers control us.

I am with you Bao2 check out O.s.h.w.a or anti-rep-rap…

Are you into project Venus?

There are some things that are not wants, this is what should be free,
Mass transit

Money can come after that…

Can we keep this thread on the subject of robots fighting each other and not shift this to political/socialist ideals?

Start your own thread if you need to discuss this, but your mileage when it comes to following the rules may vary.

How about robots fighting over politics?
what about people fighting robots for jobs?
what about people in robotic exo-suits fighting robots for jobs?

what about the giant robots made of Caterpillar tractor parts?