real street with cg car

Just testing icarus, my compositing skills, and my animation skills(not modelling or materials) So I decided to make a car that would fly through part of a street. The reason why I say I was not testing my modeling and materials is because the model and materials isn’t my (although I tweaked it), rather the car is from Art Magic 3D design (link here)
and I can’t remember where the picture is from, but it is just a test.


link here
(mov, 375 x 590 - ignore the weird line thing if you see it, it is an artifac from blenders encoding of the quicktime movie, and it took a while to render)

Nicely done. The car could have a driver… Reflexions on the car could also show mirrored buildings. Yet and all the rest of the scene stays a little too static. Adding a moving canadian flag, crossfires and leaves of trees balanced by a wind and one or two persons walking in the far would be just great.

I’ll see what I can do, it will take a bit of work since that is just a jpg picture that it is using, but i could animate the flag and some other things, it would just take longer for the people, unless i get some footage of someone. It was my first attempt at mixing cg and real picture/video, so I am still proud of it so far.

If your sequence remains very short, just little things have to be added to give an illusion of “living city”… Most of still people can be hidden by another faraway and very approxomativ caracter lifting an arm or just makin few steps.

if those are trolley tracks, that car is like 1/2 to 3/4 size.

hey papasmurf, thanks for pointing that out. When I was doing the scale I looked at the truck in the background to compare, but I guess it is too far away, and plus it was like 2 in the morning when I finished that, so I guess I wasn’t seeing straigth lol

Well done, nice try.

The size and displacement of the car is well studied, I have made some perspective tests and found some minimal bugs. Here is the suggestion, play a bit with camera’s FOV and you achieve some better results. (Sorry for the bad quality, mspaint seems not to behave well on jpeg compression ;))

Also watch for lighting issues. Scene looks very neutral and cloudy. I think you could reduce the specular gloss of car a bit and soften it’s shadow.

If you would like to increase the eye candy on your scene then change the car’s color (to yellow maybe).

Keep up the good work.

hey cocoflop thanks for the suggestions. At the moment I can’t really change it because I am on vacation in a hotel on a computer. For the color of the car, that is just how the model came(as I said in the original post) but I will change it because it is a bit boring. As for the shadow I can definately change that, it was just a spot lamp, so that will be easy to change, along with the specularity on the car, which I guess would be lower if it was cloudy. I’ll probably be back sometime tommorow to change it, and I will probably give you an update, but I don’t know about the animation, it takes a while to render. Again thanks for all your comments.

Hey! That’s was great! Did you have to make each scene or is there a tool to do that?

what do you mean exactly? What I did was I used icarus to detect the camera perspective and position, etc from a photo of that street and then imported that into blender. Then I made one plane the same size as the street, and aligned it with the camera (so that I could have the shadows), added my car into that same scene (it was already rigged, just had to use a bezier curve to control its movements) and then used composite nodes to put all that (the car and the shadows) over the original picture(with an alphaover node). And of course all I had to do then was render the animation, that is all I did.

ok, cool. i have no idea of how to do animation, so i didn’t know how you did that :wink: