Real stuff mixed with 3d Virtual..HELP

Complete amateur seeks confirmation/assistance.
I have a Digital surface map and an aerial photograph (high Res) to create a virtual 3d exactly as the real location, (mostly open countryside)and want to drop onto it, a 3d design building, to show planners how it will look after the event… landscape is 3km x 4km.
Q1) is this possible/easy in Blender?
Q2) any tips, given that I only have a PC… don’t mind if it’s slow.
Q3) will I be able to create a virtual walk-around video, to show the building from any viewpoint?
Q4) once ‘compiled’ will it run fairly swiftly on any PC that the CD copy is put into, and do they need any special software to view?
Thjanks for your help, in advance.

Yes it’s possible. You can easily import the aerial photo as a texture and UV mapped it onto a plane. This will give you a flat landscape with your texture on top. Them simply import(append) a walkthrough_template so that you can use the arrow keys and mouse look within the game engine.

You can also add some extra buildings and decorations to the terrain to make it more realistic.

What you are doing is essentially making a game, since you want realtime interactivity, search for game tutorials. (manual in my sig)

please use the Support forums