Real Tattoo in SSS?

(Uthu Santuhan) #21

Yes it does. The crazy bump.

Now, I am confused. lol.

The rock needs to be baked to the highpoly one. So I get a normal.

After I get the normal I put it in nodes of the unwrapped rock? Is this after or before I say, paint texture on the rock?

And this is The render result using that method with newly generated normal map. That displays none of the details on the highres sculpt.

Almost there


Last Question: If I use this normal, and I paint new texture, say grafitti on em. I go on right ahead right?



For the viewer should someone is following this. Nodes:

I didn’t baked my Inflatable sex doll afterall. That’s why it was soo weird.


Does crazy bump still exist ? Does anyone know of any free alternatives?

(Uthu Santuhan) #23

This might be it.


Thanks mate. Keep up the good work. Thanjs for sharing, thats what counts. M

(Uthu Santuhan) #25

Thank you mate!

(zanzio) #26

You mean bake the normals from the highpoly to the lowpoly, right? If you did it the other way around then the high resolution object would look like the low resolution object.

After you bake the normals from the highpoly to the lowpoly, you add the texture to the lowpoly rock’s material, set it to non-color data, plug it into a normalmap node, then plug that into the normal input of the shader. You can do this before or after you color the texture. This doesn’t affect texture painting.

It looks like you plugged the normal map in correctly, but you probably didn’t have both objects set to smooth when you baked it or something. There are some weird facets on the object. Make sure you place the two objects in the exact same spot and raise the ray distance a little (.1 should be enough).