Real Time Animation In game engine using armatures and skeletal animation,

I have been thinking about using this

to do many things… one of them is a movie…

I am looking into importing small dead reckoning bluetooth output as Ik data,

and then “actors”

and finally, a real time displacement system like “live shape”

but UV mapped to scale the vertices some how,

Enter the Era of “Blender Actors”

a system I have thought of and am investigating

Two antennas perpendicularly mounted (short wave) with a motor(that does not make noise on the antenna)- that rotates a “shield” that blocks the signal as it spins, this creates a angle, so you you know the angle 1, angle 2, and the distance from the start or Angle 1 and Angle 2 (a line from the two antennas) with trig, the top leg, is a broadcast point,…