Real time blender shadow puppet???

Hey there Blender heads…Ive been working on actual shadow puppets, and the idea came to me of creating real time shadow puppets in Blender…creating flat objects, lit from behind, the shadow cast onto a semi-transparent “screne”…the object are manipulated by the user via joystick or keyboard. Just thought I would put it out there. Has anyone thought of this, tried this, or even had sucess in doing this? If so, please share your experience with me as I am still fairly new in Blender and would like to sponge up from the world of knowledge all you guys have. Thanx in advance.

Should work if you can use the new GLSL shadows, otherwise it’s going to be quite a bit more work to set up.

Did a quick test blend

Link to the blend file:

if you don’t have a card supporting GLSL the search for the script for realtime projected shadows (flatting out objects with the orientation matrix)

thanx heaps guys.
Is it OK if I use your .blend file as a base (and teaching aid for me) and then modify it for what I had in mind??

why not make flat models? No need for shadows. Just make flat 2d models all black, against a white background, and animate them. I’ve seen some 2d work in blender and it looks great. Would it work?

Yeah, it may work. however, you dont get the “shadow” effect…in that when a shadow puppet is further away from the screen, it gets larger/blury etc, etc…I kinda wanted to do that kinda thing. I wonder if transparent colours would also work??? I would, essentially use 2D models, but used to cast a shadow.