Real-Time Chucky Model

Hello everyone! This is my first time creating a topic in and I’m happy to share with you all my real-time model of Chucky… :hocho:

I made him using Blender, Marvelous Designer, and Photoshop. I built this model with the intent of creating an NPC for a mini-survival horror fan game based on the Child’s Play franchise.

This model consists of 13,630 tris and uses five 8-bit 2048x2048 textures. I used a highpoly-to-lowpoly workflow, using cycles to bake all the detail onto the lowpoly model. The albedo and roughness maps were painted by hand in Photoshop.

I also rigged this model using shape keys so that the AI can use emotes (though the range of expressions are limited).

You can view the model on my Sketchfab!


Great work :+1:

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I appreciate your feedback! :grinning:

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