real time control armature

I try to import data from P5 Glove to control Hand model animation. But I don’t know how to import data from P5 Glove to control armature. Because I want the Hand model move and motion according to the information that is sent from the p5 glove. I should have to do?

I am guessing the glove records rotational data. There are a couple of ways to set a bone’s rotation in realtime.

First method is to use the setChannel method:

The second option requires you to be using blender 2.5x (not sure exactly when it was implemented), and is a new api for controlling armatures:

With the second method, don’t forget to update the armature after manipulating it (This is mentioned in the documentation).

As far as getting the rotational data from the glove, possibly the most difficult part of this process, I am afraid I can not be of much assistance. You may need to find a program to act as middleware between the glove and blender.

Good luck.

You could search the forum for P5 or glove. There where at least two users that managed to get it working. You can ask them. Maybe they are posting to your thread.

I do not know what kind of data you get from the P5, but I did this with a CyberGlove II. For each joint, I just got one float value. My solution was to rig and skin the hand as normal and then just pre-animate it: frame 0 was all fingers stretched, frame 200 was all fingers/joints bent (a fist).
Then I just set the active frame of the animation (actuator.frameStart and actuator.frameEnd) for each bone (channel) to the frame that fittet the actual float value of the joint.
The result was not perfect of course, but pretty good already.