Real Time Cycles Render with RTX 2080Ti... anyone?

Hello everybody!

I read that Brecht has added initial CUDA 10.0 support for new 20x0 Nvidia card. I was expecting to see some real-time Cycles render video with a RTX 2080 Ti, like Nvidia has announced. I’m imaging something as cool as Eevee but with raytracing Cycles magic.

Has anyone done or seen something like this?
Is the implementation of CUDA 10 too early to use those cards’ full power? “Are we there yet?”
If anyone knows something about that, let me know.

I don’t own one and I want to see it working before spending €1500 on one.

Cheers, guys.

The initial Nvidia 20x0 support is only teaching the build process to use different CUDA versions depending on the card architecture when it’s generating the Cycles kernels. 10.x is used for the new cards so that Cycles gets support for them, while 9.x continues to be used for all 6.x and older architecture cards so that they don’t encounter the issues you get when you try to use 10.x to build kernels for older cards.

So in recent 2.80 and 2.79 builds, the 20x0 cards work in Cycles the same as the older cards do. There are no functionality differences or RTX support etc. yet. The new cards will be faster in cases where they have better core counts/clock/memory etc. than the old cards.

I believe the changes only affect Cycles as Eevee already worked fine on the new cards.

Thanks. I hope RTX support will come soon…

Expecting real-time results in Cycles is not realistic. It might be possible with a crafted demo scene and tweaked settings, but in general it is going to be slower.

Maybe some combination of Cycles/Eevee as in the latest release of Unreal Engine 4.22 as shown here:

Anyways, I hope Nvidia’s RTX gets integrated soon in Blender 2.8.