Real time engine - Comments on community

(Abracsis) #1

Firstly - Ouch. Nan going bankcrupt hurt alot of people. is a really nice place to come to, now that the community home is gone. But it does seem bias towards images :slight_smile:
I would like to see a similar gallery system for Games.
Your thinking may be that Games are simply not up to the standard that the images are, compared with other software, but i believe that the best games of the moment are getting very close.

An alternative is to have a sister site to this one, which is focussed on games.
I know of a blenderhead who has been working on this for a while, but never got to post a link to it, because of the recent community collapse.

I do see this site as a bit of an elitist site, which is what i thought had to do anyway, so that is good in my opnion, as people still have the oppurtunity to post urls to their “not so great” content.

Perhaps the "I made this section could be split into Still, Animation, Game, Script.?


(sara) #2

yes, without the official site where are we going to post our game related work/quesions etc???

it would be nice to continue it here…

(sten) #3

well, to bad NaN got dropped, all of us think so, but I belivie it was that they spent to much time working on the game engine…and that was their downfall…they should have developed the linear side much more…dropped the price for a creator-key to about 100$ and then they would have sell lots of licenses…


(Ben) #4

-I’m happy to find another place where to talk
about Blender(especially about the game engine).I dont know if investing on GameEngine was a mistake or not,but I’m going
to create games with it.I hope everyone who uses it will go on creating and improving it with scripts ,ideas and their fantasy.I’ll post my games here.


(saluk) #5

Right now I’m still a little burned by the disaster. I still want to work on my games, and still have ideas for games, but am in no mood to be using blender to make them right now. I want to organize a game project, abracsis, but right now, I’m just not in the right mood. The bad taste in my mouth is too fresh still, and it’s really hard for me to be creative. I have started working on a storyline for a traditional console-style rpg which I will start working on pretty soon, I haven’t decided whether I will be using blender to do it or not. I figure I’ll do as much planning as possible, not worrying about tools,and once planning is done, I can possibly organize a team, choose the best tool that would fit the game, and proceed with development. I really love blender, but I’m a little leary to do stuff with it right now, unsure of if I’ll ever be able to make exes (never bought publisher) or find a workaround for every bug which plagues the engine. I will continue to hang out here however, share my ideas, and you might be able to find me in the chat room every once in a while as well.

I hope someone picks up development for this great tool, if the modelling features are focused on and improved, the interface is simplified (without removing its power or efficiency), good documentation is provided, and some of the bugs are cleaned up; it could be boxed and sol for 50-100 dollars and I belive it would make a good deal of profit. The game engine on the other hand, needs quite a bit more work to be profitable, as there are many other better engines out there. And for plugins, I dont see anything toppling the macromedia dynasty anytime soon.

Still, I really would prefer to continue using the game engine, especially if someone picks it up and I have hope for its continued improvement and development.

(Monkeyboi) #6

Yeah, I feel the same. I was hoping to make .exe’s one day, but I’ll seemingly never have the chance now. My Maharaja was coming along fairly nicely!


I’ll post here when I have my SUPERB Website up!