real time fluids

has any one seen this
its a real time fluid sim program made by a company called Blade, and i was just wondering if anyone has a clue how they have done it, and more importantly if it could be recreated for blender.
love to hear your comments on this:D

very very cool!

it’ll be really difficult to get good performance out of water, and i got a feeling they won’t be sharing their secrets :slight_smile:

I have a clue as to how they did it:

years of intensive development work

Not to mention it’d be pretty nice not having to spend hours on end just making the fluids for a damn faucet.

realy i would never of geusted :confused::smiley:
i wonder if the use a simerla equation to work out the physics or if they has totaly created a new one?
the game they are makeing does not look all that ground breacking but i might just get it purly to see how well the fluids work:o

I find realtime fluids to be cumbersome. Nothing beats the cheaply animated plane with an add texture.


Could do a nice job with a shader anyways.

yeah for speed maybe but for in game action theres must be nothing like it.
just take the psp game mercury its just a basic puzzle game but because it has fluids that move like fluids it was a cut above the rest of simerla puzzles.
would it have sold as well if the mercury was just a ball…
somehow i doubt it.

Would’ve been more interesting if there was actual in game footage in the video.

i did find one on you tube but i forgot tobook mark it and i have not been able to find it again.
from waht i saw it looked like a blender one baked at about 60-70 res so not to bad at all.

here a link to research paper concerning realtime fluids simultation (not only water, also air and fire).

Very impressive, i think.

Also have a look at Mr. Zoran Popovic’s home page:

there are other very interresting research projects (f.e. realistic birdflight simulations)

very very interesting thanks for that:D

Actually, real-time fluid physics have also been developed by other programmers in the past. But to actually run these engines and to implement such features in real games was to troublesome. And who need real water in a game anyway?

thats almost like saying why don’t we all just give up and never bother to progress.
if there is the abillity to use real water sims in a game rather than just some animated matirial why wouldn’t you use the real thing.
why do we strive to make realistic looking humans in cg when we could just take a picture of our selfs?

if i’m not interested in a thread, normally i don’t read it.

What stage of boredom have you reached, that you not only read a thread thats not interesting you, 'because who needs it anyway", you also left a post …

Whats your profession? From what you write, for sure you are neither an engineer, nor an artist.
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