Real-Time Global Illumination through Light Propagation Volumes (paper)

I’ve stumbled upon this paper of a GI technique used in CryEngine 3.0 and thought that the Blender devs and community might be interested:

Information and video demonstration can be found in the following links:
Here is the paper in PDF:

OOOOOOHHHHH! pretty. This is very interesting, going to go have a look.

here’s something only halfway related, but…wow.

This is amazing! Check out the very end of the clip, where they can edit the scene and get a ‘live’ update on the lighting!

Very very cool!

How applicable to Blender is this? Could the current light-paint IBL system be tweaked, cajolled, persuaded into incorporating this technique? Spherical harmonics is mentioned in the paper at the begining, but they then go off and do some other funky stuff. Would we have to start from scratch with a different system?

Is it me, or does the you-tube vid look very dark? Might be worth computing a few extra bounces in there.

Maybe a branch reaching towards realtime shading and GI as in cry engine could benefit both BGE and BRE … but it seems like a huuuuuge leap. unless one of this companies donate source codes for free,. stuf they prolly spent 8 years developing.

but it’s neat. have you seen the siggraph video from 2009 rendering using the GPU only?! that was amazing to see the speed. and beeing able to move around in the scene realtime with a noisy picture and when you stop it’s procedual rendering so its gets better and better…

that kinda preview mode could be sweet when blender moves over to CUDA or OpenCL

Looks nice, but how does this technique stack up against more traditional and newer techniques used by renderers such as Mental Ray and VRay?

Well for one thing the way of the future IS RT. Whether people like it or not RT is getting better and better, and it is obviously far more interactive. I personally think Tom’s(that’s Doctor Tom)decision to not do another game(ATM anyway)and improve the GE is a mistake.