Real Time Hair - Wip

Hey! It’s been so much time since my last post…but i’m back… So here is a wip of real time hair i’m working on! All the hair cards where place by hand using curve in blender and then rendered in real time in marmoset toolbag! I hope you will like it and if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate!!

Better resolution and more here:

More shots:

More shots…again :slight_smile:

Awesome work!
Sorry for the stupid question, did you baked the hair strands from zbrush?

outstanding results from the hair cards

Hey Domenico! No it’s not a stupid question :slight_smile: Yes, some of the textures were baked from curve made with zbrush, Other were baked from xgen high poly hair and some were rendered with arnold using xgen… Them I placed all the textures on 1 uv sheet and map some planes on it, that I placed using blender curve tool! :slight_smile:

@FXR Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the kind response!
I’m lately struggling with my workflow for real time hairs and fibermesh in Zbrush, your results are very stunning!

very nice result

Domenico, I’ve tried fibermesh in zbrush an it’s probably the workflow that gave me the most trouble. If you don’t know xgen, you should probably try making the textures with high poly curve in zbrush. To place the cards, you just have to check a lot of references. Drawing on top of the ref. in photoshop also helped me understand the shape of the hair that I was making… You can check out this article about making the textures in zbrush but I don’t recommend placing the cards in zbrush since i’ts better to place in blender with curve/planes and the textures on it…

Hey Max! Thank you very much man! Always been a big fan of your work! :slight_smile:

I know xgen but unfortunately for the moment I can’t use Maya.
I totally agree with you, until now I’ve always placed the hair cards in Zbrush and is (at least for me) really painfull and boring, also for this reason I’m trying new workflows for hairs.
I’ll surely follow this link, is really informative, thanks!
Little OT: speaking of hair cards and Blender, did you ever used the Hair Tool Add-on for Blender? If yes what do you think about it? Seems useful and I’m seriously consider to purchase it.

Hey Domenico! No I didn’t try it (the addon). For the experience that I have at making real time hair cards…the best solution is to place them by hand…but is it aslo the most borring lol. Maybe the addon is good for short/long and simple hair cut but I think you will always have to adjust manually after… Also I don’t think you can get a messy/curly hair look using this kind of addon. It will always be optimal and better by placing by hand! Hope it helps and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate! :slight_smile:

I’ve already made enough question don’t worry! :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for the help and keep up with the good work!