Real-time mesh modification

From what I have seen of the blender game engine API, real-time mesh modification is currently very limited. My question is, if we can do it in real-time in edit mode, why can’t we do it in real-time in the game engine?

  • Will

You can. You can use bones, shape keys, or you can use python to move individual vertices. So it isn’t difficult to change the shape of a mesh. Problem is that the collision boundaries of an object don’t update in the game engine, so nomatter the shape of the mesh, the object will always act as if it is the same shape as when you first started the game.

So I guess that’s your answer. The mesh can be modified in real time, but an object’s boundaries can’t.

The BGE is not supposed to act as 3d modeller.

Really? Where do I find the python functions for that?

Look at KX_MeshProxy, KX_PolyProxy, KX_VertexProxy. For the most part you will have to stick to the methods. A lot of the properties are unfinished and will give you a system error.

Good luck