real time nor/ bump/ spec maps

Light placement/ adjustment mode:

hey guys, since we have access to the render layers now would it be possible to have a quick render/ light setup mode…basically it will allow you to place more lights, change light colours and be at near render qaulity.

it would work something like this,

  • all render passes are completed and applied over image or to meshes
  • basic shaded models are displayed in window
  • basic shadows are added from lamps and diff/ spec colours from lamps
  • light and spec effect the model depending on the diff, spec, nor etc channels that have been recieved from the previous render passes.

The camera is set in place and cannot be moved when in lighting mode, basic 3D meshes are displayed in window with shading and all passes are overlayed ontop of mesh (each layer effects its own property i.e. diff, spec, nor etc). when moving or added lights it takes into account firstly the meshes and then the diffrent passes, so it might add a strong blue light and that would effect the diffuse pass, also the spec map. the process would take this into consideration and a near render qaulity view of what is happening would be the result on screen.

i dunno if i explained that to well, if not just ask me again.

the above is a very basic overview, but i think it could be possbile for quick placement of lights and also for setting up lights i.e. setting the mood of the scene.

Per-pixel lighitng for spec, normal maps:

The second idea i have is this, real-time lighting of spec, nor passes/ layers in the 3D view port.

This would work like this,

Real-time view mode (not GE), would be enabled and this in turn would turn on per-pixel lighting for the mesh and lights.

Then it would basically calculate off the materials how the textures, passes or layers should be effect by the light. this doesnt have to been 60FPS constant but aslong it as atleast 20+FPS it would be very usefull.

also normal mapping in the 3D view port would be really usefull to, it could probably work off the same setup as the Per-pixel lighting.

maybe a python script could be loaded in or a plugin, im not sure what would be best or quickest way of doing things.

anyway these are just thoughts i had, they might have already been planned, done. i dont know, but i thought i should post them.