Real Time Ocean Mesh Deform - Atualization #2

hello guys
I’m making a various modules for BGE
And the current module i made for to create a simple or nice ocean, using the mesh deformation.
The video :

The download of the module :

The Updated module 1.5, and reformulated class :

doc :

- ondas Class ----->>

#uvAnim Function ----

- uvAnim(vel)

- vel = speed of the uvAnim

#criar Function ----->>

- criar(axis, alt, vel)

- axis = The axis coordinate for deform mesh (“x” or “y” or “xy” or “xyz”)

- alt = The height limit for deform

- vel = speed of deform


Awesome, thanks!

Thank you for your efforts! These small Addons really help with big projects.

I have been paying with this method for a while now and I think I can use it for my purposes. There is only 1 drawback, it only works as a flat plane. I want it to work as a plane with a slight convex curvature.;

When I start the GE, the plane does not deform. Do you have any ideas on how to solve this?

hello CaptainAndrew;
well, the first step is :
add a plane and subdivide the plane like this image :

Now apply the script in object…
And now with the atualization of the module, you can apply the changes on the script.
(axis,height,speed, length) of the mesh deformation.

See this image, are running perfect…

The link of the atualization :

i hope you make a good use ;D

Thank you for the help, but I think you didn’t understand me. It works perfectly on a normal plane, and I hope to make it work on a plane that has been deformed by shrink wrapping it to a sphere.

As you can see the plane has been shrink wrapped to a sphere with dramatic results, but when I start the GE the shrink wrap deform is lost and the plane reverts to its “flat” shape.

Will it even be possible for this method to work on such a shape?