Real-time parent

I’ve made a basic little demo to show how to “parent” in “game mode”, and how
to use the “bump map” GLSL shader:

Little update:
now the parented object moves, and the character changes “action” accordingly.
And a screenshot:

I can only download the first 7% then it stops…and says server reset… is your site fully up OTO? Thanks man looks really cool

well, it seems to work fine?!..

What do you mean by real time parent? Like a camera follow player script? That can be done in logic very easily with a ray censor. Please explain.

interesting… anyway, is it normal that that char looks kinda black and white on my comp? (or is it just my comp being to old?)


By “real-time parent” I mean ( well, its the name of the Logic Brick), that you can grab/stick
one/many objects to another/others.

The “black and white” problem it’s probably due to your graphics card not
being “compatible” with GLGS shaders ( you need at least a 5000, gforce series I guess)

Yes [Killer], the new parent logic brick, as of 2.46, makes many dynamic tasks requiring player-object interaction, much easier.

Didn’t even notice it… lol

Can you specified what can be done with the parent feature because I still don’t understand its ultility.

I guess that my little demo is “so basic” that it becomes complicated?! :slight_smile:
One example ( as in the demo) is to grab/pick an object, and place/drop it,
somewhere else!

Worked fine for me, its a good little example.

This should have lots of applications in games! Very handy tool, ive needed it a lot in the past.

that’s nice! thx for sharing.

but have you noticed that there is a problem with the bounding boxes of the character? check “Game --> Show physics visualization” to visualize the hit-boxes…
can you tell me what is going on?



Ah…thank you for the warning ( and the comment)!
Deformable meshes are not well supported by the bullet engine, so, some
workarounds are necessary, sometimes they act a bit weird!
Please, download the “new” version, it should work a little better, I hope?!

yes, the current version works fine! what did you change?

I haven’t managed to parent a dynamic object to anything; it always flies off at the moment of parenting. wether I use python or the logic bricks… somehow you did it though… :wink:

I will post a .blend soon to point out my problem, it would be nice if you could take a look.

thx and all the best,


hi again,

this would be a very basic testfile for GE parenting. It doesn’t work though. Can you pls tell me what I am doing wrong?
Thx in advance!

Well, unfortunately an “actor” should be the parent, I guess, so you must inverse relationship!

but then I loose the dynamics that I need for the child ;(

Is there no way to parent a dynamic object to another object? Even if I use suspendDynamics I can’t parent the once dynamic object.

Is there another way maybe to temporarily turn a dynamic object into a static one (using python), and than parenting it? Afterwards one could unparent it again and turn dynamics for it back on…

What I would like to do actually is builing a virtual hand that is able to grab objects that fall to the ground when released.

Try to use “compound” on both objects, sometimes this works, depending on the usage you made?!

Does this mean now we can have arrows that stick to moving targets? Because I have always wanted to do that.

Yes, probably?!