Real time physic when modeling?


I know we can use snap to edges and faces and so on, but imagine if we could have a setting that you turn on and each object automatically detects other edges and faces when you drag them around.

Since much modeling usually is objects that are placed on other planes/objects and even more objects that interacts with other objects.
I find myself spending to much time tweaking the position of a spoon on a plate so it looks right but doesn’t intersect with the plate and so on and snapping usually doesn’t help with those scenarios.

Would this be possible in the future of Blender?
Have a button that enable some form of auto detection so you easily can place objects around and they will never go through other objects.
It would even be fantastic to take an object and just drop it in/on another object and physic would take care of the rest, like dropping a spoon in a cup and it would fall to the bottom and rest on the side of the cup.
And if you don’t need it just turn that button off and each object stays where they are but are again free to place through other objects.

Things would be so much easier and faster if this would be possible :stuck_out_tongue:

I probably used the wrong subject since absolutely no one has responded to this and i can’t imagine that I’m the only one who would like to be able to easier and faster place objects without risking them to intersect with each other.

Imagine a table, place a plate on it, place a cup on the plate, now place a spoon on the plate and make it look natural.
Some objects are not helped by the snap functions and need quite a lot manual positioning, and when you have lots of things that need manual positioning it takes time and often shows later in the render.

So… imagine some kind of real time physic feature where you just place the spoon in the cup or on the plate and you simply can’t intersect.

I don’t know about you guys but this would save a lot of time and make decorating a scene more fun.


I’ve wanted something like this for a long time!
You can get pretty close already, but you have to use the Game Engine and Record keyframes and then delete the keys that you don’t want.
Maybe when bullet is integrated into the main part of Blender it will be easier.
Currently, if you just have one or two objects, it’s easiest to manually place them, but when you have a lot of objects…
It is VERY much worth it to use the Game Engine!