Real time raytracing card

Don’t know if anyone has posted this yet, looks interesting.

Nice to see them developing further…

I always wondered why on earth cant Nvidia or AMD or some other company just put an ASIC on the graphics card to run the ray-tracing.
I know an ASIC is set in stone, but if they could make it do the job, and then if their software or API or something improves, then they can release a new GPU. (it’s probably not as simple as i imagine)… Ive also seen demos of FPGAs like Altera, running raytracing. And wondered why on earth dont they sell a low power PCI express raytracing card as a kind of co processor, allowing all mainstream games or rendering applications to use it.

Seems Power VR have implimented it as ASIC hardware designed to be built inside of a GPU but i could be wrong maybe its FPGA or maybe its fully programmable??

At a very rough approximation… GPUS are 10 x faster than CPUs. FPGA is 10 X faster than GPU. ASIC is 10 - 100 X faster than FPGA
and the power requirements drop dramatically with each.

Hey, nice! They’re licensing the architecture much like the way ARM are doing it. Hopefully we’ll see some implementations soon.

I hope this leads real time path tracing in blender, and the game engine some day.

at the pace of development the render for animation will be done in 5 years, and the game engine version in about 20 :frowning: